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West Village at a Glance

The West Village is the westernmost part of Greenwich Village. The boundaries between the districts will depend on who you ask but what both have in common is bohemian cheerfulness. This neighborhood in Manhattan has a peculiarity. It escaped from the strict grid with which the expansion of the city was planned. Its streets were chaotic routes for horses that have remained as is, so it is very entertaining to walk aimlessly and discover this neighborhood for yourself. Don't worry if you get lost in the West Village, this happens to even the most seasoned New Yorkers.Along with Christopher Street near the Hudson River, there are many gay and lesbian shops as well as clothing stores along with other local exotic teas and exclusive products. Like the Village, this area witnessed the first movements for the defense of gay rights. The footprints of this movement are still evident across the West Village. Visit the Stonewall Inn as this is where the first protests were held to demand equal rights.Lovers of the series Sex and the City will realize when walking in the West Village that its streets are where many of the scenes were filmed. By the way, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick live in the neighborhood as well as other celebrities like the magnificent Willem Defoe and the Australian Nicole Kidman.This neighborhood is mainly residential and although much simpler than the posh Meatpacking District, it has luxury buildings such as the towers designed by the North American architect Richard Meier in front of the Hudson River at 173 / 176 Perry Street. Many show business stars have made the West Village their home. The recommendation then is to walk with a camera in hand. You never know who you might stumble upon!You should definitely sniff out the on trend bars and pubs that West Village has to offer frequented by New Yorkers and not tourists! They will certainly leave an impression on you.


The West Village neighborhood is bordered on the west by Sixth Avenue and is situated between 14th Street to the north and Houston Street to the south. The lovely Washington Square Park along with its dominating institution New York University, its grand arcs and a picturesque water fountain are a short stroll to the east. While Lower Manhattan and Little Italy can be found to the south. Chelsea borders the West Village to the North and iconic shopping and dining experience the Chelsea Market can be found there.
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