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John Weiss
“As a small company, you don’t want to commit to 5 years. We found space that will allow us to grow and we still have every convenience plus that we’d ever want in an office. It’s packaged perfectly.”
John Weiss
Co-Founder of The SPEAKEASY Agency
Joanne Del Prete
“Finding an office space was like a miracle. I made my decision right then and there. I didn’t have to think about it. American Express paid. Done. It was that simple.”
Joanne Del Prete
Chief Design Officer of CANTO NYC
D.J. Dashti
“There’s so many places to list online, but LiquidSpace is our go-to. It’s not like other sites where you’re on your own. I have someone I can speak with. It’s personal.”
D.J. Dashti
Co-Founder of Workville
Jenna Menking
“We found a team space that accurately reflects the ethos of likeminded start ups and has given us a beautiful office in which we are proud to greet clients. I would recommend LiquidSpace to anyone looking for a space to help take their business to the next level!”
Jenna Menking
CEO of Gotham Group
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