Office Space in Lower Manhattan, New York

The modern beginnings of New York City, where historical and cutting edge buildings form the basis for the world’s most iconic skyline

Lower Manhattan at a Glance

The New York City we know and love today began in the bedrock of Lower Manhattan, where many of the original streets still stand, but the skyline has changed dramatically over the last centuries. Big name, Fortune 500 companies, along with many businesses in the financial field, call Lower Manhattan their home, but there’s still a mix of industries in the area. Class A buildings are common around here, but with such easy access to the rest of Manhattan and the other four boroughs, Lower Manhattan could be the ideal jumping-off point for new companies. Because Lower Manhattan is home to so many commercial spaces, residents here can find great deals on apartments in new buildings with great views. The downside to living here is that a lot of the bustle dissipates after 6pm. But, for people working in the neighborhood, there’s plenty to see and do.


Lower Manhattan encompasses numerous areas, from completely corporate Class A buildings in FiDi, to the elite apartments of Battery Park City, and the low-key low-rises of Chinatown and Twin Cities. One World Trade is the best known Class A building in Lower Manhattan, but it’s hardly the only one. FiDi is filled with Class A properties, and many more are in progress. Built in place of the original Manhattan Twin Towers, tourists flock to see the World Trade Center Museum and Ground Zero nearby. Stone Street, in the Financial District, is a perfect after work and happy hour hangout. And when it’s nice outside businesses set up outdoor seating all along the street. A block party of sorts! In Chinatown, there are commercial and residential gems to be had, as long as you’re willing to dig for a deal. And you’re bound to find tons of delicious Chinese food eateries in the area. Manhattan converges at its southernmost tip, so you’ll find most every subway in this neighborhood and easy access to outer boroughs.
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