LiquidSpace FAQ

Unlock a world of workspace possibilities and find instant answers to all your LiquidSpace questions.
How do businesses use LiquidSpace?

Businesses use LiquidSpace to unlock the flexibility and savings of a hybrid workspace model. Here are some ways LiquidSpace helps:

  • Save money on corporate real estate: Ditch traditional leases and only pay for the space you use. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially for businesses with fluctuating staff or space needs.
  • Access workspaces globally: Unlock access to all the major coworking brands. LiquidSpace offers the largest network of coworking spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms globally, all vetted for quality and convenience.
  • Boost employee productivity: Let your employees work where they thrive. Choose from quiet private offices for focused work or collaborative coworking spaces for brainstorming sessions. LiquidSpace caters to every need and work style.
  • Simplify workspace management: Manage all bookings and invoices through a single, user-friendly platform, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple contracts and vendors. This saves time and resources.
  • Gain valuable insights: Track how your team uses LiquidSpace to make data-driven decisions about your future workspace strategy.
How can my business get started with LiquidSpace?
To begin, book a demo and consult with our sales team.
How can LiquidSpace benefit my organization?

Explore LiquidSpace pricing for businesses by clicking here.

What payment methods does LiquidSpace offer?

LiquidSpace provides convenient payment options, accepting all major credit cards and ACH payments. LiquidSpace Enterprise customers can choose from three payment options within LiquidSpace.

  • Employees can pay with individual P-cards.
  • Enterprises can set up centralized payment for their teams via P-card or ACH.
  • Enterprises can set up centralized payment for their teams using a LiquidSpace Marketplace account. Marketplace accounts provide a single monthly invoice for all space usage.
What permissions and controls are available to administrators to manage team access?

Absolutely! LiquidSpace empowers company admins to manage workspace usage and spending by setting budget limits for individual employees, departments, or the entire company. These budget limits can be configured for monthly or weekly periods, and admins can choose whether to require approval for every company booking or only when employees reach their allotted budget.

What data insights does the LiquidSpace dashboard provide my business?

The LiquidSpace dashboard empowers you to optimize your flexible workspace usage and gain valuable insights into your team's needs. Here are some key data points you can access:

Spending Data:

  • Track total spending: Get a clear overview of your company's overall expenditure on LiquidSpace bookings.
  • Drill down by team or department: Identify which teams or departments utilize LiquidSpace the most and analyze their spending patterns.
  • Compare costs: Benchmark your LiquidSpace spending against traditional office costs and quantify potential savings from flexible work arrangements.

Space Utilization:

  • See how often your team uses LiquidSpace: Gain insights into the frequency of bookings across your organization.
  • Understand space preferences: Discover which types of spaces (e.g., private offices, meeting rooms, coworking areas) are most popular with your team.
  • Identify trends by location: Analyze utilization patterns across different locations you use.

Team Insights:

  • Pinpoint top LiquidSpace users: Identify the teams or individuals who leverage LiquidSpace the most.
  • Uncover booking preferences: Understand the types of spaces and booking durations preferred by different teams.
  • Turn feedback into fuel: Leverage space ratings and employee sentiment to make data-driven decisions that elevate your team's satisfaction and productivity.
  • Make informed decisions: Use these insights to optimize your LiquidSpace usage and tailor plans to specific team needs.

Remember: The specific data available may vary depending on your LiquidSpace plan. To explore the full range of available insights, contact us.

How can LiquidSpace benefit my organization?

LiquidSpace can benefit your business in several ways:

  • Reduced real estate costs: LiquidSpace's on-demand workspace model eliminates the need for long-term office leases, lowering upfront costs and ongoing expenses.
  • Increased flexibility: LiquidSpace empowers employees to choose the workspace that best suits their needs, whether it's a private office for focused work, a collaborative coworking space, or a quiet spot near home.
  • Improved productivity: LiquidSpace's software provides data-driven insights into team utilization, helping you optimize your workspace layout and amenities to enhance productivity and collaboration.
  • Simplified management: LiquidSpace's centralized platform simplifies workspace management, allowing you to efficiently book spaces, manage team permissions, and track expenses.
What are the advantages of LiquidSpace over other workspace providers?

LiquidSpace offers several advantages over other workspace providers, including:

  • Access to all major coworking space brands on one platform.
  • Flexible booking options, allowing reservations by the hour, day, or for longer durations.
  • One single license agreement provides access to thousands of workspaces worldwide.
  • Competitive pricing without the need for subscriptions, memberships, or leases.
  • Consolidated reporting to assist in optimizing your hybrid workplace strategy and reducing costs.
What is the future of LiquidSpace?

We continue to lead the flexible workplace revolution, constantly expanding and evolving to meet ever-changing needs. It's not just about spaces; it's about creating a platform where businesses thrive. Through unmatched flexibility and control, we're helping businesses navigate the future of work, whatever it may hold.