Office Space in Greenwich Village, New York

The cornerstone of NYC’s bohemian scene, Greenwich Village, aka The Village, is an arts haven lined with mid-rise rowhouses

Greenwich Village at a Glance

In Greenwich Village you’ll find: streets with names instead of numbers, mid-rise rowhouses, low-rise townhouses, plenty of counter-culture, and some of the best arts and educational institutions in all of New York City. This area is a melting pot of students, artists, and old school New Yorkers, who’ve lived in the area for decades. Because of rising real estate prices and gentrification, the roots of The Village have become overgrown with new New Yorkers and NYC’s elite. The bohemian art scene is still alive and well in Greenwich Village, which is also the cradle of the Beat movement and the LGBTQ movement. With a mix of residential and commercial spaces and plenty of Dutch-style architecture, the properties in The Village come with personality and history, with many buildings being a hundred years old or older. Companies working in the arts, or startups looking for unconventional workspace would feel right at home in Greenwich Village.


Read the latest issue of the Village Voice to see why Greenwich Village is the birthplace of many movements in art and society. This neighborhood is full of disruptors. Despite lots of new construction and gentrification in the area, The Village is still a cultural epicenter for residents, workers, and visitors alike. Greenwich Village sits just west of NoHo (stands for North of Houston) and the East Village; it’s to the east of the West Village, and to the North of SoHo. Both the West Village and SoHo have some of the most highly prized real estate in all of the city, and those high costs translate to residential and commercial properties, and also spill into the greater Village area. There are still deals to be had in the Village, and with an abundance of brownstones, there’s no shortage of amazing properties. The Village is home to NYU and the New School, so there are many students in the area. Washington Square Park and its landmark arch are a Greenwich Village favorite for street performers, tourists, and leisure seekers. And The Village isn’t just known for its arts. A famous outdoor public basketball court, known as "The Cage", has served as the basketball battleground for many b-ball greats. For transportation, catch the A, B, C, D, E, F, and M trains at Washington Square.
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