Office Space in Midtown West, New York

A neighborhood brimming with the world’s best theatre and dining, Midtown West is also a corporate epicenter

Midtown West at a Glance

Midtown West, while still home to many corporate high-rises, is less suit-and-tie than its Midtown East Counterpart. Business people from tech, finance, and media industries cross paths with people working in the service industry and the tourists to whom they cater. You might even spot a famous Broadway actor if you look hard enough, as Midtown West is home to The Theatre District, Broadway, and Times Square. Much of the commercial space in Midtown West is centered around the Columbus Circle area, where the Time Warner Center takes center stage. Further west into this neighborhood there are many repair centers and taxi garages, plus residential areas with modern high-rises going up. From theatres to tourist attractions and corporate Manhattan, Midtown West is a mixed bag with top rated restaurants and more out of towners than some might prefer.


The other half of Midtown, Midtown West consists of some of the most recognizable and unique attractions in Manhattan. Times Square could be one of Manhattan’s most recognizable areas, and while it is part of Midtown West, that’s not all this neighborhood has to offer. Midtown West also comprises the Theatre District, which includes all the best Broadway shows, plays, and musicals. Central Park South is lined with luxury hotels and apartment buildings, with some of the city’s best views. Columbus Circle separates Midtown West from the Upper West Side, but it’s got so much going on that it’s a self-contained little neighborhood. The Time Warner Center is a multi-level building featuring commercial spaces on the higher floors, and the Shops at Columbus Circle on the lower floors. The property houses the likes of Per Se, one of the world’s finest French restaurants, and Masa, which some consider New York City’s best sushi. Talk about a culinary treat! Just south is The Hearst Tower, home to the Hearst Corporation and many of the world’s biggest media outlets and publications. Midtown West also has some more casual dining options, including tons of choices on restaurant row on 46th street between Hell’s Kitchen and the Theatre District.
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