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Chinatown at a Glance

Although not as big or as well-known as San Francisco's Chinatown, Chinatown in New York delivers a unique charm and flavor all it’s own. Manhattan’s Chinatown is one of twelve Chinese neighborhoods in the New York. An enticing neighborhood for a stroll to get a different perspective on New York city. In Chinatown you can try authentic Chinese food at more than 200 restaurants that have been established here for generations. All these restaurants serve the most authentic Chinese food you'll find in the city of New York. A starting point for your culinary adventure is Chatham Square, which serves as the intersection of eight major traffic arteries into this neighborhood. The most prominent restaurants are located on Mott Street and on Canal Street which separates Chinatown from Little Italy. Both Mott Street and East Broadway are vibrant with cultural happenings. Canal Street, Delancey Street, Grand Street and Allen Street are the main ways that cars enter this neighborhood.


Chinatown is located approximately between Broadway on the west side and East Broadway on the east bordering Two Bridges. While Delancey Street and Chambers Street frame Chinatown from north to south. Chinatown is easily accessible by the New York City Subway stations Grand Street where you can catch the B and D trains, and Canal Street, where several lines 4 and 6 stop as well the J, Z, N, Q, R, W. Plenty of other subway stations can be found in the bordering neighborhoods.A stroll away from Chinatown via Grand Street is Little Italy. Or take Allen Street to get to the Lower East Side. Explore Tribeca via Lafayette Street to the West or the Civic Center to the south. To get to Downtown Brooklyn drive over the Manhattan Bride. Or take the FDR which runs along the East River to get to anywhere in East Manhattan. If you are going by foot or bike choose the East River Greenway instead.
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