Empowering an Agile Mobile Workforce Across the US

A 50,000+ employee Pharmaceutical Company grows their mobile workforce.
A Global Enterprise with Agile Needs
This Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company is one of the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. With 50,000+ global employees, this company uses LiquidSpace to enable their mobile workforce in 80+ US cities.
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Sales People Activated
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A workforce spread all across the country
Sales teams are distributed across the country, and they spend the majority of their time visiting doctors’ offices and medical facilities. When sales teams needed quiet places to meet or get work done, they were often at a loss without suitable workspace options. It was expensive and time-consuming for the corporate team to book meeting rooms and workspaces at hotels.
A small team struggling to provide options for places to work and meet
The meeting team at corporate was struggling to find options that fit their workplace needs. They had too few options, and those options were expensive and difficult to book on-demand and flexibly.
Discovered LiquidSpace’s Mobility Manager Tool
The corporate team started searching for another solution to their work needs and discovered LiquidSpace and the Mobility Manager tool. After trying it, this top 20 global pharmaceutical company realized that the LiquidSpace network was an ideal option for their team.
The New Workspace Procurement Process:
The sales team loved LiquidSpace and how easy it was to use. The LiquidSpace network of over [marketing stat venues] locations to choose from gave the sales teams more options to find spaces when they needed them, and team members could find and book spaces themselves, whether on-the-go, in the office, or at home.

The meeting team was excited to find that LiquidSpace freed them from supporting these numerous meeting requests, and enthusiastic about how easy it is to track activity and expenses from LiquidSpace.
Several Years in and Still An Essential Tool for Employees
Many of the company’s teams, have been using LiquidSpace for several years. They’re continually adding new team members to LiquidSpace, and the LiquidSpace network is one of the most popular tools at the company because of its many options and ease of use.
“LiquidSpace has been incredible easy to use, it is among the most popular tools that we gave our sales team members. The team members can book and use space on their own, and then our team at Headquarters can just monitor and pull reports on the activity.”
Senior Manager
Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company