Mobility Manager

Enhance employee productivity, increase organizational flexibility, and take control of real estate spend.
Take Control
Mobility Manager lets you easily deploy a workspace mobility program for your team, department, or company, while giving you the tools to manage employee access and program costs from one centralized dashboard.
Member Management
Simply set up one or more teams and add or remove employees with a click.
Curated Venue Network
Choose from thousands of space options in hundreds of cities, or let us help you decide. We’ll give you the tools to curate a network of professional workspaces that suits your company culture.
Real-Time Reporting
Be informed. Monitor and report on employee space usage and spend in real-time.
Centralized Billing
Eliminate administrative overhead with centralized billing and spending controls at an individual, team or company level.
Increase Flexibility
Give your mobile workforce access to vetted workspace when and where they need it. Curate which venues your employees have access to from over 13600 venue partners in our network.
Infinite Workplace™
The world’s largest network of professional workspaces available with a click. Access to on-demand space in over 3100 cities plus exclusive access to our private network.
Simple Pricing
Simple and transparent hourly pricing, pay for only the time your employees need, and stay flexible with a 24-hour cancellation policy.
Benefit the Environment
By providing space options near employees’ homes or travel locations, you can reduce the amount of cars and busses on the roads.
No Commitment
No fees, no membership, just dependable space when and where you need it.
Reduce Space Needs at HQ
Create a leaner real estate footprint at headquarters while increasing employee satisfaction.
Priority Access
Book your space months in advance or the same day.
Increase Productivity
Mobility and choice are the new keys to engagement and productivity for the modern workforce. Equip your team with access to professional space, wherever work takes them.
LiquidSpace Mobile App
Workspace in your pocket. Time-saving and inspiring mobility features enhance your team’s productivity while on the go.
Curate Your Space
Choose the best environments to suit your work culture or offer unlimited access to any space.
Workplace Freedom
Empower your team to do their best work near their home, travel destination, or wherever they need to be that day.
Productivity by Design
All spaces are equipped with dozens of top-of-the-line amenities, from fast WiFi, to whiteboards, to bike racks.
Work-Life Balance
Reduce the time employees spend commuting.
Improve Retention
Engaging environments improve employee happiness. Make it easy to attract and retain the top talent.
What Teams are Saying
“LiquidSpace has been incredible easy to use, it is among the most popular tools that we gave our sales team members. The team members can book and use space on their own, and then our team at Headquarters can just monitor and pull reports on the activity.” Read Customer story.
Senior Manager
Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company