LiquidSpace Enterprise

The first and only Work From Anywhere management platform.
The Dawn of Work From Anywhere (WFA)
When disaster struck, Work From Home saved the day.
Work From Anywhere (WFA) will win the decade.
A Multi-Dimensional Challenge
To win with WFA, companies must solve for the complex dimensions of People, Place, Price and Process
Who needs space?
For what work?
On what frequency?
For what duration?
At what price?
On what term?
On what contract?
With what ROI?
A Multi-Dimensional Challenge
What space is available?
In which locations?
Of what quality?
With what amenities?
How do I efficiently deliver space?
How do I maintain control?
Ready to Master the Four Dimensions of WFA?
Four Dimensions of WFA
LiquidSpace Enterprise
The first and only WFA management platform combined with the largest flexible office marketplace.
Future proof your workplace with command and control over all dimensions of Work From Anywhere.
Every option. One platform.
Reserve only what you need whether hourly, daily, or weekly.
Secure a productivity sweet spot for teams or solo operators.
Foster collaboration and culture in a consistent, convenient location.
Control your HQ utilization by allowing employees to reserve when and where they will work at your HQ.
Why Choose LiquidSpace Enterprise?
Centralize common and control of a distributed workplace
Empower workplace autonomy across the entire organization
Contract: Allow for real-time real estate decisions and transactions without the burden of commitment
Real-time real estate experts
Unmatched marketplace
Opportunities not liabilities
Pricing power
Centralized command center
Continual cost-optimization
Dynamic and exclusive insights
A must for top talent
Proactivity and agility
Environmental essential