PK Studios

201 4th St., #205, Oakland, CA 94607 - Confirmed Open
An elegant, artistic, inspiring air-conditioned space with an earthy feel. High tech-enabled and located in the flagship building for Jack London Square district in the historical registered former Safeway headquarters. Come with full kitchen and bath, large projection screens, bright colorful projector, sound surround with lavalier microphone, matching articulating highjack padded chairs, 300 Mbps up and down the internet, beautiful conference table with break out areas. Large rolling whiteboards and easels., Restaurants nearby. Free street parking (some without time restrictions) and a parking garage nearby.
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Paul Kuroda
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Beautiful PK Studios
Beautiful tech savvy space in the original historical Safeway Building in Jack London Square. Ample parking in nearby parking structure, quiet and secure space with whiteboards, projectors, pointers, super fast broadband Wifi. I can remove furniture so the company can move in with their furnishings.
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This hipster haven has become fertile ground for companies trying to escape the high prices of the city.
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Vaccinated persons only. Wear masks when possible. 

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