Coral Gables Personal Workspaces

Find focus and clarity space to do the things you need to do to grow your business in Coral Gables. Book by the month, daily or by the hour.

Entrepreneurs need personal workspace for different reasons. You may be traveling and want a desk to do some work on the road; perhaps you outgrew your office at home; or, the open-air setup that you work in now doesn’t afford you enough privacy. No matter the reason, LiquidSpace can help you rent personal office workstations in Coral Gables and other types of office space instantly across 3100 cities—with no leases or complicated rental agreements to deal with.

With LiquidSpace, you can book personal office space across the country by the day, hour or month. You won’t break the bank, plus you won’t have any leases or complicated rental agreements to contend with.
The process was smooth and I like that LiquidSpaces was so responsive. I was frustrated with the 50-page aggressive lease for 3 years that we received for another office space. Out of frustration I hit Google with a query I got to LiquidSpace. I found our team space quickly and simply and DASH® was clear and to the point.
Natalia Panowicz
COO, Codility
With LiquidSpace, I’m assured the best workspace for my constantly evolving and revolving needs—whether it’s a professional conference room for a multiple client work session, a larger community venue for a lengthy off-site training day, or just some quiet workspace away from my (sometimes distracting!) home office.
Eve Connell
Writer, Editor, Trainer
When a representative from a company that sends court reporters to take depositions called to see if we had a Walnut Creek location. I was happy to tell her about LiquidSpace. All you have to do is sign up. Membership is free and with LiquidSpace you can find, book, and pay for the conference room use on the LiquidSpace website.
Kathy Young
Manager, The 580 Executive Center
The team was small, so working out of a shared space makes a lot of sense for us. Not only do we avoid the cabin fever of working together as a tiny team, but we also get shared amenities and services. As COO, that means I don’t have to deal with the hassles of being office manager, like ordering toilet paper and arranging for cleaning. The flexibility of the LiquidSpace platform was also really compelling. We booked on month-to-month terms so we can scale up our space to match team size as we need it.
Daniel Yaffe
Co-Founder, AnyRoad
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