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PASS workspaces

403 North Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 - Confirmed Open
Community Co-Work
403 N Henry St, Alexandria VA 22314 is a PASS workspaces property. Since 2014, PASS workspaces has owned and managed bespoke top-of-market properties located in Old Town Alexandria. Our Community Co-Work Membership is ideal for today's dynamic and on the go change-makers. Starting at just $750.00, Community Members have 24/7 access, conferencing options, and a host of attractive membership amenities.
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Notary Services
24/7 Access
Meeting Rooms
Bike Rack
Filtered Water
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Pet Friendly
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Home to George Washington and a pristinely preserved Old Town
PASS workspaces
403 North Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Since 2014, PASS workspaces has been dedicated to curating inspiring destination work environments, fostering collaboration, and elevating productivity. We've been part of a revolution of the traditional workspace experience, crafting spaces that inspire creativity and promote community. With our strategic and prime location in Old Town Alexandria, exclusive amenities, and flexible membership options, we cater to the diverse needs of modern professionals. Join us and discover a new way to work – where inspiration meets productivity, and community thrives. PASS workspaces: Your neighborhood office hub.
Amber Onyx workspace
This highly desirable private office features a rare amber onyx work service with plenty of natural light.
SkyBrite 301
Skylow 301 is one of the most unique office suites available in Old Town Alexandria. This suite is totally private and occupies the entire 3rd floor area. It has a newly installed glass partition with a large HD screen installed for conferencing.
Skylight 204
Located on the second floor, Skylight 204 lives up to its name. An adjacent skylight provides this workspace with plenty of natural light. Skylight 204 can be setup to meet your unique requirements.
The East Side - windows, skylight
This flex space offer loads of natural light plus a skylight. It private and has an adjacent space with counter area and additional workspaces and conference table that can be added as well.
The West Wing - windows, high ceilings
This is one of the most unique and beautiful offices available in Old Own Alexandria. With an abundance of windows and surrounded by trees it overlooks the NE corner of Henry & Princess. This room can be set up in a variety of ways to best serve you, your team and support you impact success journey.
Community Co-Work Day PASS - 1-49 avail
403 North Henry St is located on the NE corner of Henry & Princess in the heart of the historic Parker-Grey neighborhood. We are proud to offer a limited number of Community Coworking memberships for 24/7 access to PASS workspaces' latest curated destination. This stand-alone building was recently completly renovated making it one of the most relevant and attractive workspace options available. It has an abundance of natural light, accessible outdoor spaces, a patio, its own private parking lot and numerous workspace options. PASS workspaces Community Coworking members have the flexibility of cowork and the privacy of a private office on demand. PASS workspaces is your neighborhood office hub.
DASHBOARD membership - 10 avail now
403 N Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 is a PASS workspace property. The DASHBOARD membership provides 24/7 membership privileges in an open workspace environment. Add ons include: secure storage space, on site parking, and additional access to private office, meeting and event space. PASS workspaces is your neighborhood office hub.
Gallery Space LOTS of natural light
This is a beautiful space for up to 12 people. It's has plenty of natural light its own entrance and exit and is close to the kitchen for maximum convenience. We pride our self with curating flexible spaces to meet the needs of our members so we look forward to meeting with you to meet your needs.
Henry & Princess Forum
The Henry & Princess Meeting Room is available for events of up to 49 people. This is a beautiful space with high ceilings nestled in mature trees at the corner of Henry and Princess in the heart of the historic Parker-Grey neighborhood of Old Town Alexandria.

PASS & dba PASS workspaces Occupational / Workplace health and safety policy 

Policy brief & purpose

Our Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy help us preserve the best possible work conditions for PASS and dba PASS workspaces employees and members. Every employee and member has a right to feel safe at work. Our company is committed to follow legal standards and create a hazard-free workplace.

Our Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy help us preserve the best possible work conditions for our employees.


This Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Policy applies to all prospective and current employees of the company as well as members, volunteers, contractors and consultants.

Policy elements

There are two aspects to consider when establishing an Occupational / Workplace Health and Safety Program: Preventative Action and Emergency Management.

Preventative action

Preventative action is any action we take to avoid injuries or illness related to workplace conditions.

We’ll conduct periodical risk assessments and job hazard analysis to discover what is likely to harm employees. We’ll establish preventative measures accordingly.

Potential threats and dangerous situations include but are not limited to:

• Performing tasks on heights, scaffolds, ladders and other unsteady structures

• Chemical substances (toxic, flammable etc.)

• Operating dangerous equipment

• Slippery or uneven surfaces

• Electrical infrastructure

• Noise/temperature

• Quality of air

We’ll take the following preventative measures:

• When employees work in dangerous contexts or locations, we’ll make sure there are safety precautions like safety nets and ropes.

• We’ll provide protective gear like gloves, protective uniforms, goggles etc. Using safety equipment is obligatory.

• Inspectors and quality control employees will inspect equipment and infrastructure regularly

• We’ll hold employee training sessions in health & safety standards and procedures.

• All highly dangerous job tasks require at least two employees to be present

• Exposure to chemicals and radiation will not exceed a certain time limit

• Employees who do repairs or cleaning need to put up caution signs

• We’ll prohibit smoking indoors

Also, we’ll enforce a substance abuse policy to protect employees from colleagues’ misconduct.

Emergency Management

Emergency management refers to our plan to deal with sudden catastrophes like fire, flood, earthquake or explosion. These depend on human error or natural forces.

Our emergency management involves the following provisions:

• Functional smoke alarms and sprinklers that are regularly inspected by PASS workspaces Property Manager

• Technicians (external or internal) available to repair leakages, damages and blackouts quickly

• Fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment that are easily accessible

• An evacuation plan posted on the walls of each floor and online

• Fire escapes and safety exits that are clearly indicated and safe

• Fully-stocked first-aid kits at convenient locations

We’ll also schedule fire drills and emergency evacuations periodically. We will monitor performance of health and safety procedures and will revise them to ensure higher level of protection.

Additional measures

Our company will also keep abreast of changes and try to promote health & safety actively. We will:

• Update our policy according to changes in occupational health and safety legislation.

• Use incentive actions for health & safety.

• Analyze past incidents to discover what went wrong.

• Establish clear procedures for accident reporting.

• Revise work procedures to make them safer.

Our company will also consult experts or insurance representatives to ensure it complies with local and international standards.

Disciplinary Consequences

Every team leader is responsible for implementing this health and safety policy. Employees should follow health and safety instructions and will be held accountable when they don’t. We’ll take disciplinary action that may extend to termination when employees consistently disregard health and safety rules.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to a healthy and safe workplace.

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