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109 north 12th street, 7th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222 - Confirmed Open
We have office spaces available in Greenpoint and Williamsburg in various suites in the area. Please inquire about availability! We offer full-time rental options (a yearly lease) as well as daily (you pay once per month for the day of your choosing and even hourly! Our spaces are modern, spacious, designed with sustainability in mind.
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Paula Madrid
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58 North 9th, Brooklyn, NY 11249
We have offices available in Williamsburg. Amazing location for businesses of all kinds. The suite is gorgeous, was built literally over the Summer. Happy to answer any questions
Fridays and weekend availability
This is a beautiful office located within a three office suite of a commercial condo building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The building is next door to the Henry Norman Hotel, 1 block away from PS11 and the McGolrick park as well as many amazing shops, coffeeshops and restaurant in the already SUPER hip community of Greenpoint. Please NOTE that $250 is what you would pay PER MONTH in order to use the office ONLY Fridays! same goes for weekends.
Massage therapy room -N 9th and kent ave
Beautiful wellness office with massage table for wellness practitioner. This office is available by the hour, day or can be rented on a full-time basis and you and sublet to others who can use the office. Great value, reasonable rent, beautiful office in the Williamsburg waterfront. The suite has special soundproofing, beautifully furnished waiting/reception area with custom benches, heating pad, storage for recurrent renters, towel warmer, and more! reach out for more information.
Office Empire State views weekend
GORGEOUS OFFICE Available for rent either Mondays or Weekends as it is a shared office that others occupy the rest of the week. The office has a comfortable sofa, large desk and chair, separate chair, some storage for your paperwork, windows that open! and Empire State views. Mondays are $450 (for every Monday so you pay only once per month) and weekend rates are lower! the suite has 11 offices including some full-time unfurnished available ones. The suite was built over the Summer so it is modern and beautiful and has a gorgeous waiting area/lobby as well as a coffee station with nespreso for you!
Prime Williamsburg Office with Balcony
This fully furnished office flaunts a private balcony, comfortable seating for patients, sound proofed walls, plentiful sunlight, and a work desk. Situated in our exclusive two floor suite with a private entrance, lobby and elevator. Located just steps away from the L and G train in Williamsburg, a vibrant neighborhood with a plethora of restaurants and cafes to choose from! Available on Mondays, Fridays and weekends. Interested in making a monthly commitment for a great deal? Mondays: $400/month Fridays: $350/month Saturdays: $250/month Sundays: $200/month To book this office please contact us!
WEEKENDS ONLY Office in Greenpoint
Part-time office available in Greenpoint. This is the ideal space for those of you who work from home but know you need a space to work out of at once, twice or more per week. Reach out for more details. This office suite is conveniently located next door to the Henry Norman Hotel and near amazing restaurants and shops. Private entrance, ADA bathroom, commercial grade wifi (very fast!) and more!
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The Little Poland of Brooklyn
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