Office Space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

The Little Poland of Brooklyn

Greenpoint at a Glance

Going to Greenpoint is like going on a quick trip to Poland and at the same time, being in one of the most modern parts of Brooklyn. Greenpoint is the northernmost Brooklyn neighborhood, home to the second largest concentration of people of Polish descent, after Chicago. As you walk down Greenpoint Avenue or Manhattan Avenue, stop by a Polish grocery store, or have some goulash that rivals what you’d find in Poland at any number of Polish restaurants in the area. And Greenpoint is a fit for foodies that goes way beyond Polish food. Try a Thai banquet or an Italian pizza or any of the other tasty cuisines this neighborhood has to offer, at more affordable prices than what you’ll find in Manhattan. Greenpoint neighbors Williamsburg, where many indie and avant-garde former Manhattanites now reside. This trend has spilled over to Greenpoint as more and more hipsters settle this neighborhood too. It makes sense, Greenpoint is a quieter, more authentic, and affordable neighborhood than “Billyburg," but only a few blocks from it.


Greenpoint is bordered to the west by the East River. Head south and spend some time enjoying McCarren Park or East River Park. To the east get anywhere by taking Highway 278 to Long Island City, Williamsburg and beyond. There aren’t too many subway lines that service Greenpoint but the G train stops at both Greenpoint Avenue and Nassau Avenue. Several ferries cruise along the East River and stop at the India Street ferry stop. Otherwise the bus or driving is easiest in this neighborhood.
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