Office Space in Seaport, Boston

Budding district by the water

Seaport at a Glance

Seaport is a budding district and neighborhood in Boston. It is an area about one mile south of the financial district and the rest of downtown Boston. The port itself has been there for over 150 years but only recently has started to develop residential, commercial, and entertainment options. Its future plans for greater affluence are exciting but what makes it an interesting place to visit today is its transitional state. Many of the hotels, bars and restaurants are stacked along the coastline. Walking through and seeing the combination of the old and the new is a worthwhile experience and when you are ready for some entertainment, there are a surprising number of options. Harborside Legal pays homage to the original roots of privately owned seafood juggernauts as a fish market and its third story rooftop lounge has spectacular views of the skyline. Harpoon Brewery is one of the most popular breweries in the city, we loved the IPA, and serves pretzels in a casual atmosphere. In the mood for some entertainment? Check out Lucky's Lounge on Sinatra Sundays to hear all the favorite classics and for some 40's style saxophone.


Easily accessible by Highway 90 and West Broadway the Seaport is bordered on the North and East by the Boston Main Channel. Head south to get to South Boston, or West to Fort Point.
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