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As area rents rise, so does this town's popularity

Somerville at a Glance

The first of a number of suburbs to gain popularity as Boston and Cambridge continue to sprawl. From gritty beginnings, Somerville saw a surge of artists, young professionals, and families in the last couple decades. And Tufts University, in the northeastern part of Somerville, gives a healthy dose of students to the population as well. A strong sense of community and well organized government are the cornerstones of this suburban city.


Somerville is connected to Cambridge, along its southern border, and Boston beyond that via the Red line at Davis Square. While the Orange line at Assembly Square, in the eastern part of Somerville, drops you into to neighboring Charlestown and the heart of Boston proper. Medford and Arlington sit side-by-side to Somerville's north. Similarly to Cambridge, Somerville is largely made up of squares: the aforementioned Davis and Assembly Squares, as well as Union Square, Ball Square, and Teele Square. Each square has its own character, restaurant scene, and shopping district.
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