altSpace - Creative options for your real estate portfolio

Inject flexibility into your spaces, tenant base and investments.

Improve Cash Flow
  • Minimize TI Spend
    Ditch the long, expensive tenant improvement (TI) and fit-out and opt into our SpecZero™ standard to deliver a marketable warm shell. Our innovative altSpace kit includes a POD design element that allows for tenant privacy and meeting room space without the high cost of permitting and compliance.
  • Reduce Vacancy Loss
    Optimize the performance of your transition space with multiple, short-term tenants from months to years. The kit-of-parts can be put in for staging, refreshed between tenants, and reused by the next tenant.
  • Avoid Downtime
    Save time and money by eliminating lease negotiation and substandard payment processing. License your space using the DASH license agreement and complete financial transactions online.
Grow your Leads
  • Multiple Options for Prospects
    Attract diverse tenants, from scrappy startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our kits range in cost to appeal to companies at every stage of their lifecycle.
  • Rendering and Visualization
    Let prospects experience your space the way they will on move-in day, by merchandising your floor plans with altSpace. Your LiquidSpace visualization deeply engages prospects with your space.
  • Connect with Our Broker Community
    Get your space in front of brokers actively looking for furnished, licensed office space for their clients.
Create Beautiful Space
  • World-class Design
    Create modern workspace design without hiring a design firm. Our partners will transform your floor plans into altSpace designs. These stunning visuals will complement and merchandise your listings.
  • High-end Furniture
    Furnish your real estate with premium commercial pieces by Allsteel and custom furniture by TidalLiving, without the capital outlay. The space and kit furnishings are bundled into one license agreement and costs are passed through to multiple tenants.
    BVN Tidalliving Allsteel
  • Created for Growth
    Allow your tenants to grow within your space with predesigned densification plans. Our reconfigurable kit components are easy to move, install and remove.
The Kit for You
From startup to sustained growth, get the right kit for any team.
altSpace Kit-Of-Parts
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What People are Saying
Chad Cook
We didn’t have to do the same level of build out for altSpace that we normally do, so we could do a shorter term transaction and make it work from a profitability standpoint.
Chad Cook
Managing Member at Quadrant Investment Properties