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Reserve one of our workspace options that include boardrooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms with a white board in Fremont. Use a whiteboard to create a more interactive presentation with clients and colleagues. Whiteboards can be useful whenever you need to add and edit displayed information with ease. Still not sold on the classic whiteboard? You can write straight on the walls of some of our workspaces with the IdeaPaint product.

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The team was small, so working out of a shared space makes a lot of sense for us. Not only do we avoid the cabin fever of working together as a tiny team, but we also get shared amenities and services. As COO, that means I don’t have to deal with the hassles of being office manager, like ordering toilet paper and arranging for cleaning. The flexibility of the LiquidSpace platform was also really compelling. We booked on month-to-month terms so we can scale up our space to match team size as we need it.
Daniel Yaffe
Co-Founder, AnyRoad
We needed a quick solution. Our CBRE broker, Tori, recommended LiquidSpace. I hopped on on a Sunday and set up five tours for the following day. It was super easy. I just lined them all up, one every hour
VP of Engineering and co-founder at Scale Computing
LiquidSpace has been incredible easy to use, it is among the most popular tools that we gave our sales team members. The team members can book and use space on their own, and then our team at Headquarters can just monitor and pull reports on the activity.
Senior Manager
Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company
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