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Midtown is one of the most accessible neighborhoods in Houston with a unique mix of architecture and culture.
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Midtown at a Glance

Midtown has re-emerged as a popular neighborhood for residents, companies, and the like. This popular area is located directly south from Downtown Houston. In recent years, Midtown Houston has become one of the most sought after neighborhoods for people and businesses that want to be close to Downtown, without the large crowds and price tags. Downtown is only a 5 minute driving from Midtown. Being so close to the Downtown area, Midtown still offers affordable rent and property prices. The amount of space to build is growing more and more limited as many buildings go up in the last decade.Midtown is a unique mixture of older buildings and upscale lofts and condos. This makes it an interesting place to live, as the development of Downtown, Houston has slowly made its way into Midtown. The area is home to many young families and workers looking to stay close to their work, without having to pay the extremely high prices that living in Downtown can have. The Midtown area has grown, and the culture reflects this change as new people are moving into the area, while people who have lived there a long time continue to enjoy their homes in the smaller neighborhoods.


Midtown is one of the most accessible neighborhoods in Houston and is located off of the Southwest and Gulf freeways. The Red Line also runs through Midtown and connects to most other areas of Houston. Downtown is close by, and so is the Texas Medical Center, which is why many people who live in Midtown, for the short travel time to work. Along with the businesses and offices, there are many bars, shops, gyms, and restaurants in Midtown. This makes it a great area for young families, and for people in a diverse set of fields. With all the features of the Midtown neighborhood, the price of rent is surprising the lowest at the Inner Loop of Houston. Many people love the cheaper rent and accessibility of the neighborhood.
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