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Downtown Houston is the HQ for many businesses, featuring plenty of large, modern skyscrapers.
Texas Houston Downtown

Downtown at a Glance

The city center of Houston, aka Space City, is Downtown, an area with every imaginable amenity available to local businesses. There are fancy beaches and restaurants where you can relax after a long day at the office. Downtown Houston has over 90 communities from almost every part of the world, and it is an ideal place for small and large businesses that want to have a quick growth in a cultured environments. Within Downtown Houston are a number of interesting pocket neighborhoods. It is also in Downtown where you will find some of the best offices in all of houston. Most offices are built with amenities in-mind, and you’re bound to find amazing extras like free parking, bike racks, full kitchens, and more. Dynegy, KBR’s headquarters, and Shell Oil Company are among the biggest companies in the Downtown Houston region.


There are so many treasures in Downtown Houston, and for many businesses in the area, they get to enjoy these amazing sites every day from the skyscrapers and office buildings in this bustling Houston hood. The George Bush Monument, Sam Houston Monuments, and Lake Houston Monuments are among the iconic and long-standing monuments in the city. And you can clearly see these art pieces from your office if you’re in Downtown. Besides having the Greet Street and Downtown Houston Tunnel system, there are also other fancy shortcut streets that can help you make your way from the office to happy hour or wherever else you’re going. Despite being a highly commercial neighborhood, there are also many residential houses in Downtown, which means you’ll find a great mix of people here.
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