LiquidSpace invented real-time real estate empowering workplace autonomy with the ability to truly Work From Anywhere.
LiquidSpace | Work From Anywhere
LiquidSpace transforms the entire commercial real estate process. The LiquidSpace platform makes it easy to discover, transact, and manage your office space on flexible terms and puts the commercial real estate buyer in control.
We’re removing the complexities of the traditional office rental process, and cultivating flexibility with the largest flexible office marketplace and a licensing standard that eliminates the need for complex, long-term leases.
We give professionals access to over 10,500 flexible office locations across 2,700 cities.
Providing on-demand workspace by the hour or day, a dedicated workspace for a month, or private office suites for your team for a year, LiquidSpace can help you compare options from the broadest network of operators at
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LiquidSpace in the News
GSA awards LiquidSpace contract to provide Flexible Coworking Services to government employees

LiquidSpace enables government agencies to occupy only the space that is needed while improving employee productivity, reducing carbon footprint, supporting workplace diversity and promoting responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

LiquidSpace partners with Comfy

LiquidSpace and Comfy will integrate their best-in-class workplace management platforms to create a comprehensive solution for "Work From Anywhere", supporting enterprises seeking to implement flexible working models. The technology partnership is the first of its kind to integrate both managed office spaces and on-demand spaces into a single app, enabling businesses to create a seamless experience for employees to find, book and use office spaces which best suit their needs.

Introducing LiquidSpace PRO

LiquidSpace Launches the Largest Curated Network of Enterprise-Grade Flexible Office Spaces for Enterprise Clients. Leading flexible office providers add professional-grade space to support the new enterprise demands of Work From Anywhere.

ServiceNow Launches Toronto Office

Designed to house about 50 people, the office was created to ServiceNow’s specifications by LiquidSpace, which also manages the property. It features collaborative workspaces in several forms.

Co-working takes off amid Oakland development boom

Given the increasing competition for space, co-working offerings are positioned by landlords as one option to help fill the void. LiquidSpace, a San Francisco-based platform for short-term office rentals, currently lists 845 workspace rentals at 80 different locations in Oakland.

Startup makes it easier to rent office space

LiquidSpace makes it easier for companies that fear commitment. If a company is too small or too big for an office space, employees often turn to shared workspaces. LiquidSpace, a San Francisco startup, is an online marketplace that aggregates extra desks and offices that tenants can rent out on an hourly, monthly or yearly basis.

Why You Might Rent Your Next Office Space

Not all companies in the rentable workspace world model their business on owning and managing spaces to rent. LiquidSpace, for example, operates online and mobile platforms for users who want to use space and users who want their space used.

Our Flexible Office Solution, altSpace, Helps Landlords Attract More Tenants

Our answer to the flexible office void is altSpace – a design first fit-out solution that can transform essentially any commercial space into a turnkey office space within 60 days.

Office landlords jump on “flexible” office space bandwagon

More and more landlords are tapping into the “flexible” office space market, thanks in part to the success of co-working companies, industry insiders say.

Landlords Enter the Flexible Office Marketplace

“The opportunity to provide flexible space has gotten large enough [that] it’s now on landlords’ radar screen,” says Mark Gilbreath.

LiquidSpace's Mark Gilbreath on the Future of Real Estate Inventory and Tech

“We, the broader community of commercial real estate tech companies, ought to be reaching for the big transformative things.” – Mark Gilbreath

Work-Life Balance Is More Important Than Salary [Infographic]

Work-life balance is one of the most important factors in determining employee engagement and satisfaction.

LiquidSpace expands altSpace program for flexible workspaces across the U.S.

altSpace is a service that seeks to reinvent how office spaces are designed, set-up and occupied.

Flexible Workspace Designed and Delivered: LiquidSpace Expands altSpace Program Across the U.S.

Securing creative office space just got a lot easier for growing companies and enterprises alike. LiquidSpace, the leading network for flexible workspace solutions, announced today the national launch of its altSpace program, a flexible office solution for growing teams of 10-200 employees. altSpace combines curated office fit-outs with LiquidSpace-approved landlord and partner spaces, enabling companies to move into a new office tailored for their team within 60 days and stay as long as they like on flexible terms. The altSpace program is now available in major markets across the US, including the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Washington D.C., and beyond.

LiquidSpace's Newest Service Reinvents Office Design

LiquidSpace’s latest innovation could change the future of tenant improvements. The altSpace program allows tenants to curate a new office (such as above) with LiquidSpace-approved landlords and partner spaces.

Peak Office and the Age of Un-building

We are in the midst of a new age of revolution that is creating sweeping changes across all layers of society. Mark Gilbreath takes the principles which enabled the meteoric rise of such services as Uber and Airbnb, and applies them to office space in order to revolutionize how and where we work.

Yes, Brokers Collaborate With LiquidSpace For Subleases

The traditional leasing model is not going away, but brokers routinely explore alternative and flexible workplace strategies such as LiquidSpace for occupier clients, such as the recent Salesforce sublease.

California software and business service firm headed to tower in Dallas' Oak Lawn partnered with real estate service and shared office firm LiquidSpace to move its new office to the Centrum.

Sustainability and Social Networks Driving Dramatic Disruption and Innovation with Mark Gilbreath

Mark Gilbreath is a thought-leader focused on disruptive technology and the future of real estate.

8 Real Estate Startups to Watch

Targeting new businesses and startups in need of office space, LiquidSpace makes it possible to set up shop in just a few hours, instead of a few weeks. This startup matches those with space to let with those looking for new office digs – and helps out with all of the lease and payment details, too.

Real Estate & Tech: LiquidSpace Re-Creates Office Space

"Since its first transaction in 2011 for a marketing consultant in Palo Alto, LiquidSpace has provided a platform for startups, large teams, brokers, building owners and architects to rent or lease space for a few hours, weeks or months. It’s basically the Airbnb of the office world...Not only has LiquidSpace helped small startups, it has found space for large, established companies, including Accenture, AT&T and Whole Foods. Requests range from individual desks to office suites. LiquidSpace will continue to focus on enterprise members as part of its growth strategy through the end of this year."

Escape the Office Cube — Companies Provide Dynamic Workspace Solutions

Demand for flexible office solutions continues to accelerate rapidly, shifting towards the fastest growing professional community – Generation Z. The first generation to grow up with the sharing economy and collaborative consumption, Generation Z employees are digital natives, demanding real-time experiences and on-demand solutions. From transportation to food to real estate, these young, mobile-first professionals expect employers to provide alternative workspace environments and flexible schedules. They’re anxious to escape the bland, uninspired walls of traditional office cubes and experience dynamic workspace in one of a vast range of Third Place solutions.

Workspace Revolution: A Conversation with Mark Gilbreath of LiquidSpace

Mark Gilbreath the Founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, the largest real-time network for office space again joins Enterprise Radio. Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Mark Gilbreath discuss how LiquidSpace has grown.

Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace

Mark discusses his journey through a startup failure that led to the birth and eventual success of LiquidSpace.

How the shared economy is transforming the workplace

The LiquidSpace market network has entirely reimagined the commercial real estate model, which hadn’t changed in more than 50 years. Traditionally, occupiers get locked into long-term lease agreements, with five to ten+ year commitments for a fixed amount of space. Yet startups and growing teams can double, triple, or even quadruple in size within a matter of months. Even large enterprises are shifting the nature of their work, seeking flexible workspace solutions for satellite teams, offsite events and short-term projects. With LiquidSpace, customers can now find and book both short-term and ongoing spaces, without the hassle of a lease.

Mark E. Rose Joins LiquidSpace Board of Directors

LiquidSpace, the largest real-time network for office space, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark E. Rose to its board of directors. Rose is chair and chief executive officer of Avison Young, the world's fastest-growing commercial real estate services firm. The appointment, which comes on the heels of a significant growth announcement made by LiquidSpace earlier this month, will serve to drive the network's accelerated growth and strategically reinforce the company's evolving role within the real estate community.

Chasing Airbnb’s success, office-listing sites are going after bigger game

Can startups plying their trade in the short-term office market enjoy the same success that Airbnb has in the hospitality sector? In Manhattan, they’re certainly trying, with firms like LiquidSpace and PivotDesk hoping to make inroads with corporate tenants and large landlords.

As WeWork Rises, So Does The "Airbnb Of Office Space"

When PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently modernized the majority of its 83 U.S. offices, it added more common space and made each office smaller, reducing the space per employee by 30%. "More and more we are a virtual company," says Toni Cusumano, a principal in the company’s global human capital practice. "People don’t go into our offices the way they used to. We’ve shifted down."

Will Popularity of On-Demand Office Providers Bring on “Peak Office”?

Sustainability and social networks are transforming the way the real estate industry operates, according to Mark Gilbreath, CEO of LiquidSpace, a provider of on-demand office space operating in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In a keynote address at the recent ULI Europe Conference in Paris, Gilbreath said that these two factors are driving a major economic revolution.

Adobe Think Tank | San Francisco, CA

We live in a connected world. A world that continues to evolve and advance, presenting marketers and brands with an ever-changing landscape of opportunities and challenges. Adobe presents its first ever "Think Tank." Hosted at the beautiful Exploratorium in San Francisco, California, industry luminaries gather to discuss all things IoT and its impact on brands and consumers.

Startups Can Rent Space by the Month

Currently, leases of less than 5,000 square feet represent the majority of US office space transactions. More than 10% of all commercial office property sits vacant and hundreds of millions of square feet go unused in offices annually, with startup teams of one to 50 people typically needing such space between 100 to 5,000 square feet.

A Conversation With Mark Gilbreath

Mr. Gilbreath, 48, is the founder and chief executive of LiquidSpace, an online booking platform that offers short-term work and meeting spaces nationwide as well as in Canada and Australia. The company, based in San Francisco, opened for business in 2011.

LiquidSpace Launches API to Unite the Workspace Universe

LiquidSpace, the world's largest marketplace connecting people with flexible workspaces, announced today its first set of integration partners using the company's new API. The LiquidSpace API enables venue management systems and other workplace service platforms to easily plug into LiquidSpace and enjoy real-time integration with its online marketplace.

The Economist Fireside Chat with Mark Gilbreath LiquidSpace CEO

Alasdair Ross of The Economist interviews Mark Gilbreath, founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, at an event hosted by Juniper Networks. LiquidSpace is the largest online marketplace for on-demand workspace.

LiquidSpace: Fast and Simple Meeting Space Rental

LiquidSpace just marked its one-millionth transactions and announced $14 million in additional funding. That capital will be used to continue its growth as a “real-time marketplace”—i.e., a search and booking Web site—for professional meeting space. A redesign allows site users to search by task and find spaces ideal for board meetings, brainstorming, sales meetings, training, and more. The site lists more than 5,500 spaces in 600 cities in U.S., Canada, and Australia.

LiquidSpace Raises $14 Million In Additional Funding

LiquidSpace, the largest real-time marketplace for professional meeting and workspace, announced today it has raised $14 million in Series C financing. The round was led by Roth Capital with participation from Shasta Ventures, Black Diamond Ventures and Lucas Venture Group as well as strategic investors in the commercial real estate sector including Avison Young, GPT Group and Steelcase.

LiquidSpace Raises $14 Million in Venture Capital for Meeting Space Solution

LiquidSpace, an online marketplace for ad hoc meeting and workspace, has raised $14 million in venture capital, it announced today. The funding -- led by Roth Capital, with participation from Shasta Ventures, Black Diamond Ventures, and Lucas Venture Group, as well as Avison Young, GPT Group, and Steelcase -- will be used to extend its product capabilities and "aggressively scale on its success."

Learning the wonders of the sharing economy in trip to Denver

Meet my friends Joanna, Jo and Brenton, and Beth. They really helped me out on my recent trip to Denver. Joanna lent me her car. Jo gave up his room and crashed in Brenton's room so I would have a place to sleep. Beth invited me for a lovely dinner.

Court Reporters Increasingly Using LiquidSpace To Book Meeting Rooms On-Demand

Court reporters are increasingly turning to NCRA Convention & Expo sponsor LiquidSpace, the leading online marketplace for finding and booking flexible office and meeting space, to book rooms for legal depositions.

Hotels fastest growing on-demand office space in U.S.

LiquidSpace, an online marketplace for finding and booking flexible office and meeting space, shared today that the supply of hotel workspaces on LiquidSpace has grown 1060% in the past year and now makes up one third of all the flexible workspace across the U.S. available on the platform.

Interview with Mark Gilbreath on How to Rent Office Space on demand

May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Gilbreath CEO LiquidSpace explains how the company rents office space on demand. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Rise of the Sharing Economy and the Next Generation Enterprise

All of these consumer-facing market places - Uber, LiquidSpace, oDesk and others - will profoundly affect the enterprise. Enterprise IT organizations will be a central stakeholder in each of these transformations, just as they were with the Virtualization of IT. Some like LiquidSpace are packaging and hardening their platforms for enterprise adoption, addressing the unique security, governance and financial requirements of corporate use.

Need to Rent an Office On the Fly? Try This App, the Airbnb of Work Spaces.

In this video, Scott Gerber, a New York City-based serial entrepreneur and angel investor, shares what he likes most about LiquidSpace. He talks about how the app works and why he uses it when he travels for business, something the Young Entrepreneur Council founder does about two weeks out of every month.

Book a Meeting with No RFP, No Contract

Who plans your “micro” meetings? No one? LiquidSpace would like to bring these smallest, on-the-fly meetings into your corporate meeting and travel management program while making venues so easy to book and buy that the whole process can be off your plate while still under your control.

"Expedia Small Business Report" Finds Travel Efficiency Critical to Small Business Success

To honor National Small Business Week (May 12-16), and to recognize business travelers who take their work on the road, , the world's largest full service online travel site*, has collaborated with LiquidSpace, the leading online marketplace for finding and booking office and meeting space by the hour or day, to provide small business travelers with an exclusive offer of one free meeting space rental (a $100 value) at one of the 5,000+ flexible workspaces available through LiquidSpace.

Coworking Centers Continue to Carve Out Bigger Niche

Although it remains a highly fragmented industry, companies catering to the demand for co-working or shared office spaces are continuing to expand and add more services to appeal to today’s workers on the go.

7 must-have apps to help you get the most out of SXSW

If you really want to elevate your game, here are seven more apps that will not only help you get the most out of the event — but also dazzle the people you meet who may not have heard of them before.

Sharing Economy at Work: The Consumerization of the Enterprise

Most of the now household names in the sharing economy seeded their explosive popularity by providing consumers with convenience and an irresistible end-to-end experience. Night out on the town? Tap Uber. Wanna go native on that weekend in Paris? Tap Airbnb. Bloodied your knuckles trying to assemble that new desk? Tap TaskRabbit. However, for many of these addictive services their greatest impact may yet be the disruption they drive within large enterprises.

The Death Of The Office: What Happens When The Workspace Is Mobile, On-Demand And All About Networking

As work becomes more flexible and communication more mobile, the office is turning into an increasingly complex and even abstract concept. As we look to the future, we have to ask: Will the workplace be on-site at our employer’s property, or on-demand at a collaborative space? Or will work simply be a mindset independent of place or time of day?

Space Exchange(TM): JLL Extends Coworking Concept to Enterprises by Matching Supply and Demand of Professional Workplaces

Jones Lang LaSalle is launching a new service called Space Exchange(TM), powered by LiquidSpace, that enables companies to expand beyond their boundaries. Space Exchange applies the proworking approach through services that assess workforce space requirements; align people and venues; make underutilized space ready for productive use; connect corporations with a vetted network of professional locations outside of a company's portfolio; and manage those locations on an ongoing basis.

Hotels Carve Out Work Spaces, Rented Hourly

Seasoned business travelers are used to booking a place to sleep. But a couch in the lobby? Somewhat by default, hotel lobbies, business centers and the open space around meeting areas have long functioned as places to meet, network and get work done, although workers’ growing ability to be connected without being tethered to a desk has accelerated the trend. Now, some hotels are starting to manage visitors’ previously ad hoc use of seats, tables and nooks — and, in some cases, charging for it. For the hotels, the space has become an untapped source of additional revenue and new customers who live and work nearby.

Attention Office Landlords: Tomorrow Is Here

Now, Steelcase has acquired an interest in LiquidSpace, the San Francisco startup that has created an online marketplace for on-demand workspace available by the hour and day. LiquidSpace operates in more than 250 U.S. cities and offers more than 2,000 workspaces and meeting rooms.

The New Ecosystem of Mobile Business Apps

Just as SaaS has emerged as a dominant new force in enterprise software, mobile apps will offer innovative new capabilities and business models – and disrupt many old ones.

Hotels Vie to Become Offices of the Future

Ever since Starbucks had the business acumen to make free WiFi as defining to its brand as "grande frappucinos," workers have delighted in leaving their offices in favor of brighter, more caffeinated workspaces. As the traditional office undergoes a global demise, hotels are starting to change their function to accommodate the new wave of mobile workers. "From a corporate perspective, signing a five- to ten-year lease for an office building is a completely broken model," notes Mark Gilbreath, the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, a kind of matchmaking platform that links displaced workers with rent-by-the-hour offices. The surge of transient workers, he contends, is not merely a function of increased technology (though that has made it possible), it is also something being driven by companies.

Why SaaS is the secret to success in the business marketplace

Consumer-to-consumer (“C2C”) marketplace startups are enjoying a Renaissance, as exemplified by Airbnb and others. Sites like these that facilitate transactions between people have disrupted older offline business-to-business marketplaces by taking advantage of ubiquitous mobile access, and delivering a better experience.

Unused Office Space Is Like A Massive Untapped Natural Resource

It’s out there, though it’s not easy to see: Empty desks, vacant conference rooms, unoccupied office parks. Over the past 30 years, the U.S. has added about 2 billion square feet of office space to its existing stock, most of which today’s highly mobile workforce no longer needs, at least not as a permanent home. That vast built environment now inhabits the American landscape like a massive untapped natural resource. But no need for fracking. A startup called Liquidspace has turned to the core technology of the sharing economy, the app, to surface that hidden reserve.

LiquidSpace is Changing the Way Businesses, Large and Small, Share Offices

A little over a year ago, when we took our first look at LiquidSpace it was just a few months old, and mainly focused on helping individuals like freelance consultants book short-term office space while they were out and on the go. So, very much a collaborative consumption startup, which it remains today. But the company has taken some major steps to expand its service to the point where major companies like AT&T and Accenture are using it internally, and Marriott is testing a “workspace on demand” program using the LiquidSpace platform.

Bay Area Real Estate Start-Up Leaps Pond to Land in Australia

An Australia-based real estate investment trust has led the third round of venture funding for San Francisco-based LiquidSpace Inc., a real estate-centric start-up that has created a virtual national market for short-term users and suppliers of space.

LiquidSpace raises $6m from Floodgate, Greylock, Shasta and others as it looks to expand to Australia

LiquidSpace, the online marketplace that helps people find a place to work or meet, has raised $6 million in Series B funding from The GPT Group, a real estate investment trust. The round also included participation from Shasta Ventures, Floodgate Fund, and Greylock Capital. The company said that it will be using the funds to “fuel market development efforts and extend the company’s product offerings in support of its growing enterprise client base.”

THE FOUNDERS: Liquidspace CEO on Mission to Find You a Workspace - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ

The old idea of assembling workers in a central office is swiftly changing, and the founder and chief executive of Liquidspace, Mark Gilbreath, believes there’s no turning back...

Shareable: Liquidspace's Mark Gilbreath: From Workplaces to Workspaces

If it feels crazy out there, that’s because it is: we are in the midst of an economic revolution. so. Revolution, you say? Aren’t we just experiencing a bit of economic indigestion? History suggests that what our generation is going through right now is much more than a hangover from a period of excess. Across the sweep of recorded history, there have been four “mother” moments — periods of economic revolution where everything changed. In every one of these periods, there have been two conspicuous factors present: the emergence of a new energy paradigm, and the adoption of a new communication paradigm. So let’s take a quick walk through history. 8,000 years ago, the first revolution took place. What caused it and what changed?

Yield management: Lofty goals

AN UNSOLD airplane seat or hotel bed burns its owners' money. Airlines, hotelliers and others with similarly perishable offerings have thus long since turned to yield management, where tweaking prices and other variables is meant to maximise earnings by ensuring that all places are sold for the highest possible fee. Now a start-up firm wants to bring some of that efficiency to co-working. LiquidSpace provides software, credit-card processing and back-office services to the many thousands of existing venues that provide desks, meeting rooms and private offices to freelancers and virtual companies that lack a central headquarters. The company's aim is to reduce the marketing friction to bring new and returning customers in and fill empty seats.

Tech Trends: Finding Workspace on the Fly

I travel frequently for story assignments. When I do, I have a hard time finding good places to work. Holing up in a hotel room is dull, and coffee shops tend to be noisy and ill suited for meetings. So when I read about a new crop of websites designed to help you find a temporary workspace, I was eager to give one a whirl. I researched a handful of options, including LooseCubes and OpenDesks, before choosing LiquidSpace, which seemed to have the most features, including a mobile app. The free service launched this spring and is available in about a dozen cities nationwide, including San Francisco, Boston, and Miami.

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