LiquidSpace is the largest global marketplace across 13,600 coworking locations in over 3,100 cities.
About LiquidSpace
LiquidSpace is an on-demand flexible office space marketplace and hybrid workplace management platform rolled into one. It provides companies with the only all-in-one enterprise-grade solution for managing their hybrid and distributed workplace needs.
LiquidSpace helps companies seeking to reorient their thinking about work and the workplace, starting with consideration of their employees. Simply put, we’re in the happy people business. We’re enabling people to work in better, more productive spaces, which supports a healthier planet.
Our global marketplace of flexible office space combined with our hybrid workplace management platform provides companies with an end-to-end, enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage remote or distributed workplace strategies all in one place.
The world of work is now infinite. It’s people untethered, workplace without boundaries, productivity and collaboration unimpeded by space and convention. It's more than the rise of the hybrid workplace. It's the dawn of a new era. Let’s seize it.
Top Blog Posts
LiquidSpace Latest Hybrid Workplace Index, featuring insight from Nick Bloom
Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace, said: "For the fourth Labor Day in a row, the anticipated marked rise in office attendance hasn't happened. Our data shows that a large percentage of the workforce prefers to work remotely much of the time. In fact, the index found employee engagement with flexible working reached a new high in Q1 2023. Businesses looking to attract and retain top talent, will need to embrace the hybrid workplace and offer their employees the flexibility they crave."
LiquidSpace, publishes Hybrid Workplace Index, providing data-driven insights into employee flexible office use.
LiquidSpace's latest report explores 2023 to date, and demonstrates that flexible office bookings at the end of April 2023, were 22.6% up on pre-pandemic levels. The key driver for those bookings continues to be collaboration, with reservations of meeting rooms, training rooms and event spaces making up 80% of all bookings in the LiquidSpace platform.
LiquidSpace and Kadence Team Up to Revolutionize Hybrid Work
This week we announced our partnership with leading hybrid workplace software platform, Kadence. Together we will revolutionize flexible work and redefine work as we know it. This partnership provides employees with access to a global network of flexible workspaces and their internal offices, seamlessly, in one platform.
Mark Gilbreath | Founder and CEO
Mark is an experienced serial entrepreneur and one of the leading voices in the sharing economy technology landscape, supporting his vision of sustainable, mobile business practices. In his past, Mark has worked as a software industry veteran with 20+ years of experience at previous companies including Wyle, Altera, Toolwire and Venga Ventures.
Lisa Harvey | VP, Hybrid Workplace Experience & Chief People Officer
Lisa is an HR generalist with over 20 years’ experience leading culture, capability and, most recently, workplace transformation across a diverse industry set. The pattern of Lisa's career has always been about helping people and teams do their best work in service of performance and wellbeing. Lisa wears the dual hat of helping LiquidSpace architect its signature employee experience and partnering with our customers to accelerate the transformation to their hybrid experience powered by LiquidSpace.
Amanda Crookston | VP, Customer Success
Amanda brings over 15 years experience in customer success, training, onboarding, and operations. She brings a passion for customer success and loves using her unique perspective to build the processes that help customers adopt, apply, and better utilize their SaaS tools. Amanda is a LiquidSpace veteran who understands the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate and the need for flexible hybrid experiences. She helped launch the initial Enterprise offerings in 2016 and now helps Enterprise customers realize the full potential of empowering their workforce with LiquidSpace.
Jim Swanson | VP, Engineering
Jim is an innovative technology leader with experience delivering solutions for a wide range of enterprises like Target, Thomson Reuters, GMAC/Rescap, and Pearson Assessments. Previously, he has led teams creating internal, commercial, and shrink-wrapped software. Now Jim focuses his energy leveraging cloud technologies and mobile solutions to connect people with great spaces to work. At LiquidSpace, Jim leads our global development team delivering on our web and mobile strategies.
Eric Zellhart | VP, Product
Eric is the VP of Product at LiquidSpace. He leads the product and design teams in building the future of commercial real estate at LiquidSpace. Eric joined the LiquidSpace team in 2011 as one of the first employees, since then he has pioneered multiple roles responsible for supply growth, operations and product management.
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