Atlanta Flexible Office Report

Atlanta combines a business-first environment and top access to millennial talent with a rich density of office space to be the top 7th most searched flexible office space market.

Atlanta Flexible Office Market at a Glance
#1 Ease of Doing Business
Georgia is the top state for ease of doing business 4 years in a row
Top 7 Searched
Atlanta is the 7th most searched market behind Dallas and Chicago
Millennial Magnet
Home to 1.4 Million Millennials

Atlanta is Top 7 for Flexible Workspace Searches

Renting flexible office space is often more affordable than renting traditional office space, especially for the short term. As real estate costs continue to climb in Atlanta for core assets, companies are looking at alternative ways to fulfill their office needs. According to JLL, renters can expect to pay $25.56p.s.f. ▲ for core office space in Atlanta. Rents have steadily climbed for the past 4 years. At 150 square feet per employee, the cost for a core space is about $3,834 per employee, per year. Whereas, the average price per person for flexible office space is $347 / month, adding up to a more affordable $4,162 per year.

Buckhead and Midtown Are Sizzling

Buckhead and Midtown lead as the most expensive, dense and in-demand neighborhoods in Atlanta.

Buckhead is one of the most affluent and beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta. With business booming, the cost of living in the area also continues to increase. Buckhead is close to Georgia Tech and Georgia State University by public transportation but often proves too expensive for students.

Buckhead boasts over 70 flexible workspaces at an average cost of $3,161 / month.

Midtown is Atlanta’s city center. Bustling with art, cafes and business centers, Midtown is more affordable than other city centers, with average monthly flexible office rent rates of $2,723 / month. There are plenty of options in Midtown, from unfurnished to move-in ready, with amenities that run the gamut. There are 21 spaces in Midtown immediately discoverable and ready to book.

Atlanta Flexible Office Growth Nearly Double

The number of workspaces in Atlanta has seen an 80% YoY increase in venues with flexible office space. This growth comes from strong increases in the footprint and number of spaces from coworking operators as well as building landlords. Both types of space providers have been joining the LiquidSpace platform rapidly in the past year to showcase their space. Today guests can book over 515 on flexible terms from hours to years. Atlanta’s average monthly cost $3,795 for space is significantly below the national average making Atlanta an affordable market for flexible workspace.

Flexible Office Location Growth in the Last Year
Number of Locations
43 57 59 63 66 69 76 Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr

Core and Flexible Office Trends in Atlanta
Core - stable office space that companies rent out for terms spanning years, mostly for headquarter spaces.
Flexible Office
Flexible - offices rented for spans of hours, months and years for the purpose of satellite space, expansion space, and to provide employees with mobility.

Corporate real estate managers and the C-suite are beginning to build their real estate portfolios to include both core and flexible offices. In fact “65% of enterprise companies plan to incorporate Coworking into their portfolio offering by 2020.” according to CBRE. Core refers to stable office space, which companies lease for terms spanning years. Core office is mostly devoted to headquarter spaces or established markets. Companies rent flexible offices for spans of hours, months and years for the purpose of satellite space, expansion space, and to provide employees with mobility. Flexible offices are often furnished, serviced workspaces – from coworking, serviced office, and direct from buildings.