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From the Arts District to towering high rises, DTLA is in a food and culture renaissance

Downtown at a Glance

Downtown LA is an often overlooked hood. But who can blame it with the likes of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica to compete with. DTLA is really making a name for itself with a booming restaurant scene and a sprouting of museums. Downtown is a patchwork of different histories and cultures weaved together. Diversity rules here with craftspeople from the Garment District mingling with the flavors and scents of Chinatown and reflecting in soaring skyscrapers. Pop in the Broad for your art fix or the Staples Center for music and sports excitement. No matter who you are, Downtown will certainly please.


A visit to Downtown's Grand Central Market will give you an idea of Los Angeles' past and present. This bustling food hall weaves together the diversity that is present in DTLA. You will find a classic Mexican taqueria selling tripe tacos next to a Chinese American stall sending chop suey. Plus there are new restaurants coming into the market almost weekly like Eggslut, Wexler's, Belcampo Meats and Madcapra that embody the new food wave sweeping through Los Angeles. Like the Grand Central Market, Downtown encompasses a diverse set of neighborhoods. The high rises of the Financial District are juxtapositioned next to the colorful swatches of the Garment District and the bustling streets of Chinatown. You can navigate the large warehouses of the Arts District and then marvel at the architecture of the government buildings in the same day. There is no shortage of culture in DTLA. Visits to the Broad, MOCA and Walt Disney Music Hall will help you get your fix. Want some excitement? Check out the Staples Center to watch the Clippers, Lakers or your favorite artist perform.
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