Parent Care Management Services, Inc.

7216 Palm Avenue, C, Highland, CA 92346 - Confirmed Open
Parent Care Management Services, Inc is a full-service geriatric care management company, helping families solve problems of aging adults. We offer professional office space including: private offices, virtual office space, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly-use office space and meeting/conference rooms for up to 10 people. Our professional office is equipped with wifi access, printer/scanner/fax access, office kitchen with a sink, microwave, and refrigerator; a snack room, and two restrooms. We are located just 10 minutes from Redlands, Loma Linda, Grand Terrace, and Downtown San Bernardino with easy freeway access to Riverside, Orange County, and LA. We are also conveiently located just across the street from the Highland Chamber of Commerce, as well as several local eateries.
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Carolyn Michaelis
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Parent Care offers virtual office space, which includes mail receipt and forwarding, receive faxes. Ideal for professionals who need a business address.
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Parent Care Management Services, Inc.
7216 Palm Avenue, C, Highland, CA 92346

Parent Care Management Services, Inc. (PCMS) recognizes that in operating their business, there are risks of exposure to COVID-19 for employees and customers, as it is highly contagious and has a mortality rate greater than the flu. In addition:


COVID-19 can spread easily and exponentially

While persons of all ages are at risk for catching COVID-19, individuals with compromised immune systems and the elderly may be at particular risk


In operating, PCMS acknowledges the risks of COVID-19 exposure to its employees and clients and is committed to providing a safe and healthy business environment. To ensure that, the following Business Operation Plan (Plan) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been developed. All employees, including managers and staff, are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of this Plan to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our workplaces, and requires full cooperation among staff and management. Only through this cooperative effort can the safety and health of all staff and persons in our workplace be maintained and established. PCMS managers and supervisors have full support in enforcing the provisions of this policy.


Our staff is our most important asset, and we want to ensure that they and our clients remain healthy and safe. We are serious about safety and health and keeping our staff working at Parent Care Management Services, Inc. Our Plan follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (SBCDPH) guidelines, as well as the federal OSHA standards related to COVID-19, and addresses the following:


Infection prevention measures;

Prompt identification and isolation of sick persons;

Engineering and administrative controls for social distancing, including reduced occupancy requirements;

Sanitation policies and procedures, including cleaning, disinfecting and decontamination;

Communications and training for managers and staff necessary to implement the plan; and

Procedures to ensure effective ongoing implementation of the plan.



Date of Implementation: June 1, 2020


Authorized by: Carolyn Michaelis-Moe, BSN, MPA, Owner/CEO


Person Responsible for Implementing the Plan: Carolyn Michaelis-Moe, R.N., MPA, Owner/CEO

Infection Prevention Measures


Protective Supplies:


Masks (Disposable and/or Reusable)

Provided to staff by PCMS Business Owner

Provide to clients by staff when/if needed (i.e. going to an appointment or outing) and if no respiratory risks are present for the client)

Required to be worn by staff at all times when interacting with clients, caregivers, or community partners

Staff will notify Business Owner when they need to be supplied with more.


Disinfectant and Sanitation Materials

Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Wipes, and/or Sanitizing Spray will be provided to staff for use in the field by PCMS Business Owner

Staff will notify Business Owner when they need to be supplied with more

Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Wipes, and Sanitizing Spray will be provided for office use by PCMS Business Owner

Sanitizing Spray for office use located in Break Room and Bathrooms

Sanitizing Wipes for office use located Break Room

Alcohol-based (60%+) Hand Sanitizer for office use located in Break Room and Lobby

Business Owner will keep Sanitation Materials for office use well-stocked to extent possible


Sanitation and Respiratory etiquette:


Directions are provided by PCMS Business Owner to staff and visitors on proper handwashing procedures

Training will be provided by PCMS Business Owner to staff on how to put on and take off Personal Protective Equipment

Directions are provided to staff and visitors by PCMS Business Owner on covering their mouth and nose with their sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing and to avoid touching their face, in particular their mouth, nose and eyes, with their hands



External Risk Mitigation:


When deliveries are received, staff is to remove outer boxes, discard in recycling, and wash hands thoroughly after touching. 

If clients or other visitors must come into the office they will be screened for symptoms and required to wear masks and sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the building; if symptoms are present, they will not be allowed to enter



Identification and Isolation


Screening Process:


Employees are required to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, per CDC Guidelines

Employees are encouraged to conduct temperature checks before leaving their home to visit a client

Caregivers working with PCMS clients are required to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, per CDC Guidelines, and to follow any additional protocols as set forth by their Employers.


Quarantine Process:


Employees that are experiencing a frequent cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, or live with someone who has been diagnosed will be prohibited from working in the office or visiting clients and will self-isolate at home for 14 days

Employees that report mild symptoms will remain at home until symptoms subside for at least 72 hours

Those with symptoms will seek testing to confirm COVID-19 diagnosis and follow orders from their healthcare provider before returning to work

PCMS Business Owner to report positive test findings to the local health department



Protocols for Social Distancing


PCMS is primarily a field-based business, in which employees spend the majority of their time working remotely to perform administrative duties and working directly with clients in the clients’ place of residence and/or accompanying them to appointments.  Staff is to avoid driving clients in employees’ vehicles as much as possible.  Working hours are flexible and dependent upon clients’ needs; therefore, there are no set shifts for PCMS employees. Employees must also, at times, provide hands-on care to clients.


Social distancing will be implemented in the office and in the field through the following engineering and administrative controls:




PCMS Business Owner to provide signage or instructions

Employees will maintain six feet of distance between each other 

No Personal Contact rules in effect (no handshaking, hugging, etc.)

Items that are shared are to be sanitized frequently, but no less than 3x/week. (i.e. pens, staplers, desks, phones, computers, etc.)

Staff meetings will be held via Video Conferencing

Modify work desks to achieve distance

Breakroom rules -  One person at a time in the room, due to size of room.  Sanitiize spaces and eqpt used.


Handwashing guidance and instruction provided by PCMS Business Owner

Handwashing required after handling external elements (e.g. mail and packages, currency, etc)

Handwashing or use of hand sanitizer (when handwashing not accessible) required immediately before and immediately after each client interaction and before and after removing mask

Use of disposable Bed Pads (chux) required to sit on when visiting clients and to set purse/bag on

Use of disposable gloves required when providing hands-on care to clients

Disposal of gloves required immediately after providing hands-on care to clients and before touching any other surface or object 


Office Housekeeping:


General workplace environment cleaned 3x/week at close of business by assigned personnel

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting will be conducted in high-touch areas, such as phones, keyboards, touch screens, controls, door handles, railings, copy machines, etc.

For shared equipment, users will sanitize after each use

Shared spaces will be equipped with Sanitizing Wipes, Spray, and Hand Sanitizer

Materials used to clean include the following:Clorox or Lysol wipes or disinfectant spray


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