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Dedicated Desk - 4 Available at Mesh Cowork

2005 Eye Street Suite #6, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Health & Safety
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Permanent Office Desk
Cowork makes the dream work. If you’re looking for a desk and quiet room to work in, then sure, MESH provides both of those things. However, you would be selling yourself short to stop there. Collaboration, networking and the quality of the connections available are the real gems in our coworking environment. A good coworking office consists of a community of individuals that work hard, encourage and motivate one another. MESH provides a creative and open atmosphere for innovative people to do what they do best: discover, take risks and put their creations to the test. We encourage collaboration over competition and believe that everyone has strengths and abilities that are parts that make up the whole. MESH offers office space for rent, meeting rooms and rad people to connect with. High-Speed Internet 300/25 Key Code Access Access to MESH's Slack community "instant message" channel. Coffee, Tea or Water Provided. Use of Printer/Copier & Shredder. 25% off of all MESH Learn instructor lead courses. Exclusive marketing of your services via email and social media channels. Display of your business cards. Free entrance into the monthly Meetups held at MESH each Month. Topics range from startup, businesses, and marketing. Refer a Friend - refer a friend who purchases a membership and receive one (1) month membership free.
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Mesh Cowork

2005 Eye Street Suite #6, Bakersfield, CA 93301

About Mesh Cowork in Bakersfield

Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
Mesh Cowork seeks to bring together independent workers into a cohesive community and create an environment where they can get work done and experience success. Located in Bakersfield at 19th and Eye above Dagny's coffee house. We offer free coffee and access to our membership database and events calendar.
4 Hourly Spaces
Drop-in Day Usage
Drop-in Day Usage
7 Coworking Passes Available
Come in for the day and work with us. Use our coworking space as your personal office or occasional refuge from the home office, and a place to meet new people from different backgrounds. Natural light, quiet environment Walking … View Details
Large Event Space
Large Event Space
Event Space for 45
$240/half‑day ($60/hour)
$480/day ($60/hour)
Air Conditioned facility approximately 640 sq. ft. Tables and seating for 20-45 Projector High-Speed Internet Access View Details
Meeting Room Suite #6
Meeting Room Suite #6
Private Meeting Room for 12
$160/half‑day ($40/hour)
$320/day ($40/hour)
Are you looking for a conveniently located conference room for your next meeting or training session? Our conference room is available to rent by the hour, day or week, at an affordable rate. Features: *Air Conditioned … View Details
Small Meeting Room
Small Meeting Room
Private Meeting Room for 4
$80/half‑day ($20/hour)
$160/day ($20/hour)
Air Conditioning Seats up to 4 guests High-Speed Internet Access (wired and wireless) Glass Whiteboard (24" x 36") Notepad and pens Access to Member Lounge Beverage Station (coffee, water, and tea) View Details

Rating and Reviews for Permanent Office Desk

Permanent Office Desk
Permanent Office Desk
reviewed on Monthly Workspace

What you should know about Covid-19

Each member must certify that they have reviewed the training material on COVID-19. This training is the make sure we are all on the same page in terms of how to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19


How to limit the spread.



Do NOT come into the office of you exhibit any of these symptoms. Seek medical attention if your symptoms worsen.


Importance of and washing


Face Coverings


Controlling the spread of COVID-19 and screening. 


Please screen for any COVID-19 systems before you come into the office and certify using this link.

Google Form To certify symptoms 


If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 STAY AT HOME


Notify staff immediately if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have used the workspace within the past 30 days.


Facemasks are required upon entry to the facility.



Each Suite will have a designated compliance person.

Signs will be placed to remind people of hand hygiene, social distancing practices.

Security cameras will also be monitored periodically to audit enforcement. 

Hosts will need to certify their guests have no COVID-19 symptoms or exposure prior to entering the facility.



1. Masks are required upon entering the building. If you do not have one complimentary mask will be provided. 

2. If a person chooses not to comply again, we will talk with them and give a written warning with rules and information to follow.

3 If non-compliance persists a fee of $5 will be accessed for cleaning supplies.

4. If non-compliance persists it could lead to termination or suspension of membership.


Social Distancing and Spacing

Maintain social distancing at any time - six feet minimum…. Please, let’s be smart!

The capacity of all shared spaces has been reduced this includes: meeting rooms and common areas to allow for proper distancing.

Capacity will be posted online and in each room.


Suite #1   2 persons 

Suite #2   2 persons 

Suite #4   4 persons 

Suite #5   6 persons 

Suite #6   3 persons 

Suite #7   6 persons 

Suite #8   9 persons 

Suite #9 10 persons 

1614      10 persons 

Suite #13 1 person

Suite #14 1 person 


Conference rooms and phone rooms can be used as overflow if needed.

We are offering more private workstations options to allow for social distancing.


Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and disinfection of the workspace including all private areas every hour.

We will clean and disinfect shared meetings and workspaces after each use.

We will provide cleaning products to clean private workstations before and after use.

We will clean and disinfect all shared surfaces throughout the workday.

We will clean and disinfect all high-touch items such as fixtures, hand-rails, doors, elevators, etc.

We will provide hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes in all shared areas. 

We will sanitize shared items before and after use. 


Personal Hygiene for Employees, Clients, and Guests.

Wash your hands frequently and properly with warm water and soap.


Avoid touching items such as handles, buttons, fixtures, hand-rails, doors, elevators, etc. 

Use your arm or sleeve only when coughing or sneezing and use hand sanitizer regularly.

Dispose of tissues immediately and wash hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues.

Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Sanitize your personal work surfaces before and after each workday.

Sanitize your personal equipment such as laptops, keyboards, mouse/mouse pad, screens, phones, etc.

Minimize bringing items that cannot be easily sanitized to the workplace, take out what you bring in – daily.

Been Traveling?

If you recently traveled to high-risk areas (areas as updated by the CDC), please self-quarantine for 14 days, even if you show no symptoms. Keep monitoring yourself for any symptoms of illness. If you are showing any symptoms of illness, we ask you to check with your healthcare provider. 

Please do not plan to return to work until you have been cleared and are no longer sick.


What if it happens anyway?

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please make sure to notify Mesh Staff immediately. The exposed area will be closed off to allow for cleaning and sanitation. Communication is the key.




Kern County Public Health Information 

1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue

Bakersfield, CA 93306

General Information: (661) 321-3000 /



Center's for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

California Public health

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