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Having everyone together in a team office can help foster collaboration and cohesiveness. Entrepreneurs across Bala Cynwyd and in 630 cities are using shared office space as a home for their companies and startups to take flight. When you book your small or large team office through LiquidSpace, you can reserve it by the hour, day or month. Plus, there are no leases or complicated rental agreements. Get your workspace today so the team has a place to collaborate tomorrow!
With LiquidSpace, I’m assured the best workspace for my constantly evolving and revolving needs—whether it’s a professional conference room for a multiple client work session, a larger community venue for a lengthy off-site training day, or just some quiet workspace away from my (sometimes distracting!) home office.
Eve Connell
Writer, Editor, Trainer
When a representative from a company that sends court reporters to take depositions called to see if we had a Walnut Creek location. I was happy to tell her about LiquidSpace. All you have to do is sign up. Membership is free and with LiquidSpace you can find, book, and pay for the conference room use on the LiquidSpace website.
Kathy Young
Manager, The 580 Executive Center
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