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Oak Cliff at a Glance

Initially known as Dallas’ first upscale, planned community, the Oak Cliff neighborhood has experienced a metamorphosis in recent years. Now, Oak Cliff is an ideal business location with all traits needed for rapid growth. Oak Cliff is home to a diverse set of residents, so it makes sense the neighborhood would be equally welcoming to businesses in various industries. Harboring the boom of the hipster culture, people often refer to North Oak Cliff (an Oak Cliff sub-neighborhood) as “Dallas’ Brooklyn” or “Dallas’ Portland”. Many of this neighborhood’s buildings exemplify the splendid architecture of modernist styles, with a bunch of architectural gems located around the central business district. The neighborhood offers many modern, office amenities at an affordable price that’s perfect for young companies. Culture in Oak Cliff has been heavily influenced by notable residents – musicians such as T-Bone Walker, and Edie Brickell, plus television’s first Batgirl, actor Yvonne Craig. These influencers have successfully attracted young pioneers of today’s trendiest businesses.


Oak Cliff is bursting with places to eat and visit. Check out one of the longtime, Hispanic-owned businesses along Jefferson Boulevard. Or visit one of the up-and-coming spots along Davis Street, which is often swarming with hipsters. The diversity of community is best represented through the dining options in the area, including steaming hot ramen, rustic style pasta at Lucia, or Mexican at Mesa. If you are looking to explore all things chic and artistic then you will find the Bishop Arts District, the Davis Arts District, Sylvan Thirty and the Kessler X+ District to be more your cup of tea. Home to vintage finds and exquisite antiques, there are a plethora of trendy shops where even the most seasoned shopper can satisfy their need for retail. The Dallas Zoo definitely deserves a visit if you want to check out exotic animals. Enjoy all that Oak Cliff has to offer. You’ll have no shortage of options.
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