1486 Broadway, South Portland, ME 04106 - Confirmed Open
Sopoco.Works is a creative coworking studio in South Portland Maine. We offer a casual modern office space to create, kick around ideas and just get work done. Some of our amenities include a kitchen, conference room, Podcasting studio, office equipment and supplies, a server farm, and virtual reality gear. We are centrally located with easy access to downtown Portland, the airport and the great local restaurants here in South Portland.
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Meeting Room
Our COVID safety policy requires all members and guests of the space to be fully vaccinated against COVID19. Masks are required in common areas. Our conference room can accommodate 6 to 8 people and includes a large screen display with an HDMI connection or screen casting.
Amenities & Services

High Speed Wifi

24/7 Access
Filming Allowed
Filtered Water
Health & Safety Policy

Self service kitchen with Fridge, sink, microwave and toaster oven. We are a BYOB space.

Mailbox Services
Meeting Rooms

We have onsite parking for 30 vehicles. Included in membership and free to guests.


Access to a color laser printer is included, no charge for reasonable use.

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Space Types
Meeting Space
1486 Broadway, South Portland, ME 04106
Meeting Room
Meeting Room
The space was clean, bright, and perfect for my needs. Making the reservation was easy, communication with James was fast and clear. My biggest need was having a strong and reliable wifi connection. James assured me it was robust and he was right. Thanks for providing a great place!
Meeting Room at Sopoco.Works
1486 Broadway, South Portland, ME 04106

SopoCoworks COVID safety protocol & Membership policy.


SopoCoworks has implemented the following COVID-19 safety protocols in order to adhere to the state of Maine protocols and to ensure the safety of our membership during this pandemic.

Entry into the coworking space at this time means that you agree to the following policies and conditions of the space.

Health and safety is priority. Several of our members including myself are at greater risk from complications from the COVID-19 virus so it is critical that we follow these guidelines and rules laid out to protect everyone.

IMPORTANT!: Self Screening and contact tracing.

If you feel sick or any member of your household is feeling ill, with the following list of symptoms stay home and do not come into the office.
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Or at least two of these symptoms:
Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain


Social distancing and face coverings.

Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet will be enforced in the space at all times. Face covering will  be required in cases where social distancing is not possible - for instance navigating the narrow hallway with another member or passing through the kitchen entering or exiting while it is occupied.
If you are sneezing or coughing from allergies and cannot cover your mouth you may also need to wear a mask.

Contact Tracing
If you have been in the office and later discover that you were ill with COVID-19 notify me immediately so I can contact trace and inform other members of the space you may have been in contact with. Call me on my Cell# 409-9386 as soon as possible.
Also please make sure that your member profile has your phone # on it at

Member and guest access:
SopoCoworks is open to all current and new members of the space. All members will be assigned a fixed workstation location that is not to be shared with any other members. Also do not share any equipment between members unless it has been properly disinfected, for example keyboards and mice.

Non-member guests.

Members are allowed to have 1 to 2 guests for limited visits in the space. Please restrict your visitors access to the Conference room and bathroom near the kitchen. 
Only members and their guests are allowed in the space at this time. So please do not let any food delivery people, package delivery people, etc.... into the space.
Please have all deliveries / food dropped off out in the parking lot.

Kitchen and dishes:

Only ONE member is allowed in the kitchen at a time. Any member making use of the kitchen must wipe and disinfect any surfaces that they touch while in use. Wipes will be provided in the kitchen and those wipes must be kept in the kitchen for others to use. Do not remove these, if you need wipes or spray they will be available throughout the space and every member will get their own refillable bottle of sanitizer to use.
Under no circumstances should any dirty dishes, mugs or silverware or any other used or dirty items be left in the sink or kitchen counter. Put all dirty items in the dishwasher or trash immediately.
Any items left in the fridge must be labeled and any unlabeled items must be claimed or will be removed. Do not eat or drink any food items that are not yours.
Do not bring in communal foods to share.
You can open the trash drawers hands free by putting your foot under the lip of the door and pushing it closed with your knee.
Please wash your hands frequently and let me know ASAP if the soap runs out and I will refill it immediately.


These spaces will be the hardest to keep sanitized and I need your help in these spaces. Please wipe down any surfaces you interact with and wash your hands. Leave the fan on and do not turn off the automatic switches. If the fan is still running, wait until it has shut off before using the restroom. This will allow time between people for particulate matter to settle to the floor and be evacuated from the room. If the soap or cleaning supplies have run out let me know asap. Also do not use the bathroom trash bins to dispose of any non-bathroom trash. Please dispose of all non bathroom trash in the kitchen receptacles or other provided trash bins. Let me know if the bathroom bins are full and I will take care of them.


Air handling: 

I have installed medical grade air filters throughout the space to help keep the air clean. If you are in the conference room with multiple parties please turn on the air filter for your meeting and leave it on afterwards. 


Group and social events

All group and social events have been suspended at this time. 


Thank you all for your help keep each other safe at this time. 

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