Private Office for 6

Minds Cowork

114 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127
Private Suite #11 | 203 sq ft
Our fully-furnished, lockable offices provide all the privacy you need to make things happen and storage cabinets for you or your whole team, with varying size options available. Great for creatives with a team of 6. Add ons: - Conference room hours -Printing -Heavily discounted rate for future events within the space FOUNDING MEMBERS PERKS -Minds sponsored small event/mixer (once a month) -Catering for meetings -Business promotions across all our media -Business card order on us -Occupational Yoga Session -Monthly (5) guest pass allowance
Mailbox Services ($)
24/7 Access
Door w/Lock
Meeting Rooms
Bike Rack
Filtered Water
Hosted Reception
Pet Friendly
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Minds Cowork
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Minds Cowork
114 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127
Minds Cowork
114 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33127
We know you need to get down to business, so at Minds, we make it as effortless as possible. With chill, comfy, modern spaces to better your productivity, and various membership packages that will just make sense! Our Community Managers are on site daily to greet you and your guests not to mention amenities to lighten your load. We also offer a wide variety of fantastic events you won't want to miss that will expand both your mind and your network.

I. Member/Staff/Guest Personal Hygiene Guidelines 

Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.

○ 20 seconds is about the same amount of time it takes to say the alphabet, sing “Happy Birthday” twice or the full chorus of these popular songs: 

“ Toxic” byBritneySpears

“ Truth Hurts” byLizzo

“ Jolene ” by Dolly Parton

Wash your hands especially during these key times when you are likely to encounter and spread germs: 

○  Before, during, and after food prep.

○  Before eating

○  Before and after treating a cut or other wound

○  After using the restroom

○  After changing diapers or helping a child in the restroom

○  After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

○  After touching an animal, or touching pet food or pet waste

○  After touching garbage

○  After you have been in a public place and/or touched an item/surface
that may be frequently touched by others (e.g. door handles, tables, gas
pumps, shopping carts, or electronic cashier registers/screens, etc.)

○  Before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth because that’s how germs
enter our bodies.

●  If you can’t wash with soap and water, reach for some hand sanitizer. Coronavirus is killed by alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. Make sure to use enough so that it covers all the surfaces on your hands. Rub until your hands feel dry, which should take about 20 seconds.

Additional health safety tips: 

●  Wear protective face coverings at all times if it does not interfere with your ability to effectively complete responsibilities.

●  Do not share headsets or other items that are used near the mouth or nose.

●  Use your sleeve or a piece of fabric to provide a barrier between your skin and the handle to open doors if you are not able to push open with your body or arm.

●  Since it’s safest to avoid any person-to-person contact whatsoever, leave handshakes, hugs, high-fives, or touch greeting behind. 

●  Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing, or exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms.

●  Make sure you follow good respiratory hygiene. Cover mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of the used tissue immediately.

●  Stay home if you feel unwell.

Alternative Work Hours / Work at night:
Round the clock keycard access is available asap erk of coworking membership.If your goal is to avoid large groups of people during the peak times of regular business hours, working at night could be the answer. Not only would you benefit from a smoother, quicker commute, and fewer disruptions, but since many coworking members maintain a regular daytime schedule, you’ll be safer from illness by being exposed to fewer germs.

II. Minds Staff Procedures 

●  Our team is here to ensure everyone at Minds has a safe and healthy environment to work. Upon our reopening on Monday, May 11, 2020, we will perform the following operating procedures every day: 

○  Take our individual body temperature upon arrival to space with a digital non-touch thermometer to ensure we are “fit for duty”.

○  Wear protective face masks at all times when we’re not at individual workstations.

○  Clean our workstations, computer, technology equipment, etc. at the start of a shift, mid-day, and at the end of a shift.

●  We will actively encourage sick employees to stay home until they are free of fever (without the use of medication) for at least 72 hours (three full days) AND symptoms have improved for at least 72 hours AND at least seven days have passed since symptoms first began.

III. Minds Cleaning Standards:

● Minds contracts a professional commercial cleaning team that ensures our locations are safe and healthy for members and guests. They are on-site every Weekend and Wednesday evening to sanitize and prepare locations for the following days. Between the cleaning team and the Minds staff, these are the cleaning procedures will be completed daily: 

○ Clorox HealthCare Germicidal Cleaner (CDC approved and hospital grade) used on: 

●  Door handles into Brick House Blue and all common area doors (Entrance, phone booths, meeting rooms, meeting room refrigerators)

●  Fabric and leather furniture

●  Meeting Surfaces: tables, chairs

● Faucet Disinfectant (CDC approved) used on: 

Kitchen counters and work surfaces 

Anti-bacterial cleaner used on: 

●  Markers

●  Appliance handles/doors

●  Coffee carafes

●  Community Water dispensers

●  Remote controls for AV equipment

●  Members and visitors will need to bring their own face masks and gloves. Minds will have courtesy face masks for members and guests to utilize upon request.

●  We encourage you to please use your personalized mugs and water bottles. All plates, mugs, glasses, utensils, or serving dishes will be cleaned using the dishwasher or a dish detergent containing anti-bacterial components.

○ Disposable plates, utensils, coffee cups, and drinking glasses will be readily available for use upon request. Recycling is appreciated where possible. 

Within the common areas, a hand sanitization unit will be available.


IV. Coworking Member: Your Cleaning Responsibilities: 

All members must adhere to the following guidelines: 

●  DO NOT enter if you are exhibiting symptoms that could be flu-like or if you have or have had a temperature of 100.4 within 24 hours of your visit.

●  Members must socially distance themselves from others as much as possible and avoid shaking hands, hugging, or touching other individuals.

●  Members must see that all work surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards, computer mouse, monitor on/off button) are wiped with disinfectant regularly throughout your workday.

●  Members must see that office door handles or other frequently touched areas within your workstation/private office (e.g. remote control, external hard drives, markers for whiteboards) are wiped with disinfectant regularly throughout your workday.

●  Members must place all dirty dishes, cups, mugs, silverware in the dishwasher to be properly cleaned. Do not leave any items in the sink.

●  Use your sleeve or fabric to create a barrier when opening doors, microwaves, or refrigerators when possible.

Reported Cases of COVID-19:

In the event of a reported case of COVID-19 from a staff, member or guest, the following process will be followed:

●  If the individual becomes sick during the workday, they will be sent home immediately.

●  Minds will report the incident to our local health district.

●  All surfaces that person was in with will immediately be blocked off and
professionally disinfected and cleaned.

●  Others that came into close contact with the infected individual will be considered exposed and asked to self-quarantine for 14 days taking appropriate medical steps and treatment if/when necessary

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