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Lawyers and lobbyists abound

Farragut Square at a Glance

Farragut Square is at the heart of DC's central business district. The neighborhood is centered around the city square the same name, where you'll find a statue of Civil War admiral who lends his name to both the square and the neighborhood, David Farragut. Farragut Square bursts with activity on weekdays and quiets down considerably during non-business hours. Companies who take up residence in Farragut Square tend to a be a bit more buttoned up than DC neighborhoods outside the central business district (think lawyers and lobbyists) but there's no shortage of spots to grab lunch between meetings — including food trucks, which position themselves around the square on weekdays.


Located just two blocks from the White House, Farragut Square is close to it all. Intersecting Connecticut Avenue NW and K Street NW, Farragut Square is served by two metro stops — Farragut North and Farragut West. Pick up the Red Line at Farragut North or the Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines at Farragut West. Farragut Square has plenty of hotel and food options, making it a great destination for business travelers.
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