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Your office space should work as hard as you do. Join the largest global marketplace to access demand from companies and their employees.
Attract new customers
and make more revenue.
Earn more revenue
Earn more revenue
Earn from every space. List desks, offices, and meeting rooms by the hour, day, month, or longer. You set the terms and price.
Access to new clients
Access to new clients
Reach individuals, teams, start-ups and large companies. LiquidSpace has them all. Our sales and marketing teams are hard at work so you don’t have to be.
Free and flexible
Free and flexible
It is free to create a profile. You set your availability, hours and pricing and can adjust at any time. With each successful booking you earn money.
Automate management
Automate management
Set up your spaces once, sync to your internal calendar, display real-time availability and receive instant bookings.
Unlock access to large corporate teams.
Companies are choosing LiquidSpace as their hybrid workplace strategy to bring together their distributed teams around the globe. LiquidSpace centralizes access to the world's leading coworking space brands, providing a unified platform for workspace booking and team management.
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Create your profile
It is free to create a profile. All you need is photos, pricing and descriptions of your space.
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Publish your listings
Add all your space listings, configure your availability and publish. Our team will verify your account and make your listings visible in the marketplace.
Suite 101 2 Private Office ACTIVE Meeting lounge 10 Open Desk ACTIVE Hot Desk Workstation 8 Open Desk ACTIVE Corporate Boardroom 8 Open Desk ACTIVE
Step 3
Grow revenue
Receive qualified leads for monthly spaces and confirmed bookings for your hourly spaces. Fill your desks and offices and make extra revenue on your meeting rooms.
Spend overview All teams This year Total spend Actual Plan Forecast Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep $168,250.00 August forecast
Host Testimonials
Ten years and over 5,000 happy hosts.
Check out these LiquidSpace reviews.
“For nearly a decade, LiquidSpace has been a productive referral partner, but this year was a game changer. We saw an increase in large corporate clients, and their streamlined payout process significantly improved our cash flow.”
Blankspaces Jerome Chang, Founder, Blankspaces
"As a coworking space, our collaboration with LiquidSpace has seamlessly connected us with potential clients through their user-friendly platform. Professionals seeking private offices, event space, meeting rooms and coworking have all found us through LiquidSpace.”
Liam Corcoran, Community Associate, The Farm
"Serendipity Labs has been working with LiquidSpace for over 10 years, connecting us with highest quality customer requirements for office, meetings and coworking. We value our relationship for the LiquidSpace team’s collaborative spirit and demonstrated ability to continuously innovate."
Serendipity Labs Melissa Cates, President, Serendipity Labs
"LiquidSpace is a leading platform for space operators to be able to share their available inventory and bring in new business…It's streamlined and easy to navigate which is important for operators with several locations across many different sites."
The Yard Adrian Simpson, Director of Operations, The Yard
“LiquidSpace has found a unique and powerful way to implement…hybrid work and distributed work, innovating constantly along the way. We could not be more satisfied and I am looking forward to another decade of partnership with LiquidSpace.”
Pacific Workplaces Laurent Dhollande, CEO, Pacific Workplaces
“2023 was a record year for us on the Platform, and I credit that to investment LiquidSpace has made in their Partners…I absolutely love working with LiquidSpace – the Platform itself is so easy to use, the process from start to finish is straightforward, and we can just welcome the user in our Space. It really does not get much simpler than that!”
Carr Workplaces Robyn Evans, Senior Program Manager, Carr Workplaces
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