How LiquidSpace Works for a Building Owner

Explore the new dimensions of flexible tenancy. Augment traditional leasing channels and quickly convert small vacancies into valuable assets with LiquidSpace, the industry’s first, end-to-end digital platform designed for landlords to engage high-growth tenants.
Direct Access
Access 174,000 teams and growing, in need of workspace daily on the industry’s largest marketplace for flexible office solutions. Connect directly with startups, professionals, growing teams and enterprises looking for real-time office space on flexible terms. Add Your Space
Fill Vacancies
Easily create and manage your listings with customized asset management tools built to keep you in control. Merchandise all of your vacancies, remainders, and poorly positioned spaces - perfect for short term occupancy, plus set monthly pricing and terms directly from your online profile. Decide what minimum occupancy terms you are willing to accept, and set incentive pricing to get the stability you are looking for. Drive Occupancy
High-Growth Tenants
Leverage the LiquidSpace Network to market and merchandize your space, discover new leads with exclusive, real-time market insights, delivered to your inbox each week. We’ll let you know exactly what people are looking for. Engage with high-growth tenants in your area using our fully integrated messaging platform. Get Market Insights
Outsource Logistics
Publish your tour schedule to allow guests to schedule a tour of your spaces anytime with automated tour booking. Easily confirm with one-click, show your space, and approve the guests that are a fit to insta-book your space, we’ll handle all the payment and renewal logistics. Capture Leads
No-Risk Model
Reduce the costs and complexities of small space deals with DASH®, the industry standard license for short-term, flexible workspace transactions. Available exclusively on LiquidSpace, DASH is a simple, 11-page legal agreement that gives you the ability to accept online bookings and customize House Rules for your unique workspace without the expensive hassle or delay of broker and legal counsel. Learn about DASH
Seamless Payment
Accept secure online payments by credit card or bank account with LiquidSpace. We process each payment upon booking and make direct deposits directly to your account for a 10% monthly fee, so you can focus on bigger deals. Need the space back for a large occupant just give 60 days notice. Get Paid
What Building Owners are Saying
What Building Owners are Saying
LiquidSpace highlights the ways building owner partners found success using technology to unlock flexible office opportunities.
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The LiquidSpace Network
LiquidSpace is the largest, real-time network for office space. Our network connects growing teams and professionals looking for space with venue partners, space providers, real estate professionals and service providers. LiquidSpace is the industry’s first end-to-end digital platform for flexible office procurement, combining powerful, technology-driven solutions engineered to simplify the discovery and transaction of office space, with real-time space availability across the largest, most diverse marketplace of flexible workspace. Our network eliminates the costs and complexities of traditional leasing and delivers transformative simplicity and efficiency to an incredibly fragmented industry.
Find the Space that Works for You
From emergency swing space to longer-term team offices, we have you covered.