Navigate the ever-changing landscape of workplace during the COVID-19 Crisis

LiquidSpace is here to help our members and venue partners
Like so many, the LiquidSpace team is spending much of our time these days looking for ways to help our industry survive and ultimately thrive as an unprecedented crisis unfolds around us.
  • The commercial real estate industry is navigating new waters as offices all over the world sit empty.
  • Employees are balancing home and work life as their kitchen tables became their new office.
  • Our venue partners are balancing the health and safety of their members with how to service and support their needs.
  • Companies are trying to determine what re-entry to workplaces may look like.
What is LiquidSpace doing to support our valuable members, venues and partners, as well as, be a positive light for our industry during the COVID crisis?
Here to Help
Our space experts are here to help. We understand not everyone has the option to work from home. If you need space we can find you the perfect space to work with privacy and safety in mind at all times. Our space experts get to know your specific requirements and help you find the the right space in the right location for you to be the most productive.
Health and Safety
Our venue partners are adding health and safety policies to their listings and members can easily search for those listings with posted policies.You can filter by venues who have a published policy and dive into their individual policies to make sure they meet your standards.
Open Status
We have added a new feature allowing our venue partners to provide the most up to date information about their open status. State-by-state, city-by-city it is hard to follow who is open and who can accommodate new workspace bookings. We have asked our venues to keep their open status updated in real-time so you have access to most up-to-date information.
Special Mobility Manager Offer
For large enterprises with dispersed workers, we are offering access to our powerful Mobility Manager technology free of charge through the COVID transition period. Mobility Manager will give companies the ability to offer employees a choice of workplaces while maintaining control of when, where and what is being booked.
Industry Information
We are committed to producing and sharing valuable content to help guide the industry through some of your workplace challenges. Everyday our team devotes time to participate in industry conversations and learn about what others are doing to support their companies during these trying times. We are working to gather and document the information you need to think about workspace as you reentry workplaces and bringing you this information on our blog.
Industry Offers
Our team is working closely with other industry leaders looking for ways in which we can come together as a community to support all individuals and organizations through this. We will be sharing our partner offerings with our members and jointly working on new initiatives that benefit our members and venues. In a world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, the workplace has changed and we are here to help you navigate the changes. Click here to send a request to a space expert.