499 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7 - Confirmed Open


499 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7 - Confirmed Open
Collabüro is a coworking and events space located at 499 Preston St in Ottawa (right under the Little Italia arch) that strives to provide its members with a safe, fresh, modern and comfortable workspace so that they can focus their energy and time on being productive, making a difference and excelling at what they do. Collabüro offers 4,200 sq.ft. space on 2 floors that have been fully renovated with high-end finishes and equipped with the best that the industry has to offer. Collabüro has several event spaces to suit various needs and functions and can accommodate groups as small as 6 and as large as 120. Collabüro offers several meeting / conference rooms equipped differently to suit different needs. Whether you need a projector and a sound system or a smart TV and camera or simply a whiteboard, we likely have something that suits your next function or meeting. Collabüro also offers many different workspace environments to suit every need and accommodate different preferences. From height-adjustable tables, to lounge chairs. From collaboration spaces to individual spaces. Whether you prefer working on an ergonomic task chair, a casual high-chair or comfortable sofa.. Collabüro has it all!
Host at Collabüro
Mohammad Dourou
2 Monthly Spaces
Open Desks
Open Desks
For 1 Open Desk (100 available)
CAD $239/month
1 month min. term
Pick and choose a hot desk of your liking any time! Includes: - Various Types of Workstations - Up to 1 Gbps Internet Connection - 24/7 Access* - Coffee and Tea on the house - Access to Desk lamps & Wireless Phone Chargers - … View Details
Dedicated Desks
Dedicated Desks
For 1 Dedicated Desk (6 available)
CAD $475/month
1 month min. term
Enjoy your very own dedicated desk at Collabüro! Includes: - Dedicated Sit-Stand Desk with Programmable Height Memory - Up to 1 Gbps Internet Connection - 24/7 Access - Coffee and Tea on the house - Dedicated Desk lamp & … View Details

Amenities & Services at 499 Preston Street

  • 24/7 Access
  • Accessibility
  • Catering
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Door w/Lock
  • Filming Allowed
  • Filtered Water
  • Furnished
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Hosted Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Mailbox Services
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Parking
  • Phone
  • Print/Scan/Copy
  • Projector
  • Room Set-up
  • Shower
  • Storage
  • TV/Monitor
  • Video Conference
  • Whiteboard
  • Window View

Space Types at 499 Preston Street

  • Meeting Space
  • Desk
  • Open Desk
  • Dedicated Desk


499 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7

Community Collabüro in Ottawa

As the Ontario government has approved and given guidance on phased reopening procedures, we can confirm today that we are officially reopened.

In recent weeks we have invested much thought, time and resources towards the re-opening of Collabüro. Due to the ongoing pandemic we must do so responsibly and ensure that we offer safe workspaces. In this regard, we are putting in place the following:

Meeting Rooms

- Meeting rooms are limited to 2 people (for the small meeting room) and 10 people (for the large meeting room) and changed as the City of Ottawa guidelines permit.

- We have introduced at no cost to you, the ability to activate Zoom teleconferencing service to your meeting rooms bookings for those attending virtually. You can activate this with one click on the meeting room booking page.


- Workspaces will have protection guards/dividers between desks.

- Dedicated Hot Büro. To ensure safe distancing we have dedicated desks. This means each desk/chair will be assigned to one person for the duration of their subscription (no one else will use your furniture in your absence). We will be offering a limited time special discounted price of $350 / month. 

Health and Safety

- Staff will regularly wipe surfaces and door handles throughout the day.

- Cleaning staff will disinfect all surfaces and door handles on each visit.

- There will be no reusable mugs or utensils. We will provide disposable cups for coffee / tea / water.

- We have installed multiple sanitizing stations on both floors.

- We have sanitizing spray bottles in all meeting rooms and on all collaboration tables.

- We have introduced an additional precaution that helps us know who is in the building at any point in time, this helps us identify and manage any instances of COVID-19.

- Shower will not be available for use during the pandemic.

Opening times

- Reception hours: 9-2 pm during COVID-19

- Members access: 24 hours

Members responsibilities

We will request a few things from our members during COVID-19:

- Use disposable cups for coffee / tea / water or bring your own mug.

- Sanitize hands at the front lobby before going inside the main hall.

- Maintain social distancing from other members.

- Members are expected to wipe the meeting room tables and chairs after booking is complete.

- Register all visitors at the reception tablet, or pre-register them on app/website.

- Limit visitors' access to only the lounge area on the lower floor.

Looking forward to seeing you at Collabüro.

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