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LiquidSpace empowers people to work from anywhere.
The Work From Anywhere Era
The way we work has evolved. As the digital workforce has come to realize, we have entered a new era of work, and a new way of working. Walls have come down to reveal new horizons beyond the traditional office setting. The entire world is now your office.
Professionals have been empowered by a newfound freedom of choice to work where, when and how they want. As long as they get it done. That exhilaration has unleashed new levels of productivity as a reinvigorated and inspired workforce capitalizes on that newfound flexibility to work harder, smarter and more efficiently, on their own terms. The Work From Anywhere era is unlocking exciting new frontiers in how we work, and Liquidspace helps take full advantage of its vast potential.
The Hybrid Imperative
When it comes to work, the Pandemic was more than a paradigm shift, it was a tectonic lurch that jolted the workforce into a new remote landscape. But it was really just a catalyst for a trend that had been evolving for some time as technology allowed for better communication and collaboration across space and time. And as we learned, remote work actually works. As that initial explosion coalesces, a new paradigm is forming — one that merges the best of remote and on-site workspaces. The hybrid workplace is here to stay.
The option to work from anywhere is no longer a fringe benefit or outlier, it’s become the new normal. Studies suggest some 80%* of businesses will need to shift to a new people-centric hybrid workplace to meet the new employee expectations, as well as attract and retain top talent. Meeting that demand will only become more acute as the hybrid workplace continues to grow and the expectation of remote options become further entrenched.
About LiquidSpace
Our mission is to harness the power of flexible space to help transform companies’ workplace experience. We provide a turnkey solution to unlock the full power and potential of a hybrid workplace—giving companies a trusted partner to help navigate the shifting workspace currents and offering employees the freedom and choice to work from anywhere.
Meet the Team
Since 2010, we have been living our mission. As a remote team we Work From Anywhere enjoying the freedoms of workplace choice and diversity each and every day. Interested in coming aboard, check our Current Openings if shaping the future of work is up your alley.
Mark Gilbreath
Nanci Anderson
VP of Operations
Ricki Dorman
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Meghan Duncan
Senior Manager of Supply Ops
Paul Dwumfuoh
Accounting Manager
Fiona Frick
Senior Customer Success Manager
Katie Lynn Hodne
Sr. Partner Success Associate
Lisa Judd
Senior Partner Success Manager
Jim Keating
Sharis Kevin
Partner Success Associate
Michael Musgrave
Director of Customer Ops
Shannon Nagel
Director, Enterprise Operation
Saskia Ottley
Partner Success Associate
Eric Peterson
Product Escalation Engineer
Liz Ritzik
Partner Success Associate
Steve Soldavini
Business Development Manager
Jim Swanson
VP Engineering
Matt Weiner
Director of Enterprise Sales
Lee Williams
Enterprise Sales
Lorelle Wrice
Partner Success Associate
Eric Zellhart
VP of Product
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