Make enabling employee happiness your new superpower.

Introducing the platform that lets you scale tall buildings, circle the globe in an instant, and optimize today’s people-centric, zero-waste workplace.
The world’s happiest employees have a new hero to thank.
  1. You’re agile.
    The world’s largest network of on-demand workspace sees to it.
  2. You’re responsive.
    Moving at the speed of business is your modus operandi.
  3. You’re a trendspotter.
    Your take on evolving employee preferences and evolving work patterns is laser focused.
  4. You’re efficient.
    No real estate waste. No financial waste. No exceptions.
The toolkit
A future-proof workplace,
made infinitely easier to manage.
Workplace Manager
Wherever your employees choose to be, you’ve got their back (and their space).
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A growing global network of safe, engaging environments is just a click away.
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Data Insights
Deliver employee happiness today and tomorrow with the help of real-time data insights.
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Hybrid Workplace
Any scenario, every space, always a click away.
Hybrid work takes many forms.
  • Concentrate
    Working near home when home doesn’t work.
  • Collaborate
    Huddling with teammates, engaging, creating, and getting sh*t done.
  • Cowork
    Bonding with colleagues, rediscovering group synergy and celebrating shared mission.
“Given the changes in the marketplace and the on-going need of our employees, we have actively chosen to enhance our distributed model to a more highly evolved hybrid workplace model. This will see our employees have the opportunity to access flexible office space – on demand - as part of our new hybrid workplace.”
Chris Mach, Director of Workplace Strategy, AT&T
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