Work from where it works for your teams, your company and the planet.

Confidently plan and execute a global hybrid workplace program.
Your new superpowers.
  1. You’re efficient.
    With a hybrid workplace program delivering lower total cost and lower carbon footprint.
  2. You’re agile.
    Making smart workplace decisions, dynamically.
  3. You’re in control.
    You’ve balanced employee needs with company budgets.
  4. You’re fully informed.
    With real-time visibility into the new rituals and rhythms of work.
The toolkit
A future-proof workplace,
made infinitely easier to manage.
Workplace Manager
Wherever your employees choose to be, you’ve got their back (and their space).
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A growing global network of safe, engaging environments is just a click away.
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Data Insights
Deliver employee happiness today and tomorrow with the help of real-time data insights.
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Hybrid Workplace
Any scenario, every space, always a click away.
Hybrid work takes many forms.
  • Concentrate
    Working near home when home doesn’t work.
  • Collaborate
    Huddling with teammates, engaging, creating, and getting sh*t done.
  • Cowork
    Bonding with colleagues, rediscovering group synergy and celebrating shared mission.
“Given the changes in the marketplace and the on-going need of our employees, we have actively chosen to enhance our distributed model to a more highly evolved hybrid workplace model. This will see our employees have the opportunity to access flexible office space – on demand - as part of our new hybrid workplace.”
Chris Mach, Director - Global Workplace Strategy & Support, AT&T
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