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Grow your community and attract new members. Make your space available to over 174,000 enterprises, entrepreneurs and growing teams on the largest network for flexible office. Augment traditional leasing channels and quickly convert small vacancies into valuable assets with LiquidSpace, the industry’s first, end-to-end digital platform designed for you to engage high-growth tenants.

Your Augmented Marketing Department
We bring you bookers.
Be More Bookable
Our app, website and widgets make it easy for thousands of guests to book space at over 13,600 venues every month.
Make Your Profile Shine
We spend hours on user research, design and merchandising to make your profile more tantalizing than anywhere else.
Show up in Inboxes
We send millions of emails to engage, re-engage and get verified bookers to your door when they need a space.
Get Found
We are constantly improving SEO, powering algorithms and growing a network of content to make you discoverable on Google, Bing and more.
Get Social
Targeted promotions, merchandising and ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the latest social network bring you more guests.
Get Featured
Thousands of quality articles about venues in our network and industry trends to make flexible office and you top of mind for prospects.
Perfect Pictures
Connect with professional photographers to show your space in the best light with high quality, accurate pictures.
Leverage Network Effects
Each space need gets passed to you, so you can propose your space. As we grow the LiquidSpace network you benefit from more guests, brokers and venues sharing and viewing your space.
Engage Affiliates and Partners
LiquidSpace as a platform offers brokers, affiliates and service providers tools to present your space in front of their clients.
Results You Can Measure
Get insights into how you’re doing.
Visits and Traffic
Get insights into the people seeing your profile and your most trafficked pages on your LiquidSpace dashboard.
Engagement Insights
See who is favoriting or following your space to get connected with guests that engage with your space.
Direct Connection
See who has sent you inquiries, questions or messages and start a conversation through our robust messaging platform.
Specific Searches
See specific people searching in your area and reach out with a personalized proposal if you have the right space for them. Fast.
The Guests You Want
We bring you verified guests with spending power.
Growth Ready
Get guests in different growth cycles to fill all vacancies. A meeting room for a couple of hours or a 3 year expansion space for enterprise teams. Be relevant to all stages of growth.
Responsible Guests
Paid up front, recurring bookings and a concierge service to help you through any surprises. Make sure you get paid.
Hospitality First
Guest insights, a robust communication layer and a lot more to give guests the best experience.
Concierge Team
We are your advocate. Here to make every reservation a success and every relationship a fruitful one.
Retain and Engage
We’ll bring you first timers and help you turn them into regulars.
First Timers
Most venues get higher ratings on LiquidSpace from guests because they actually booked your space. You showed them how awesome you are. Reviews make it less scary for first timers to book your space.
From notifications letting you know your guest arrived, to a calendar showing you for how long they are staying, we have a slew of tools to help you turn your first timers into regulars.
Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly
You decide what space to offer to guests, we’ll help them book what’s right immediately putting you in control.
Flexible Terms
Need the space back? Need to change things around? Flexible terms for you and your guests give your powers to move at the pace of business.
Did we mention you only pay for guests that book?
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