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SuiteWorks Business Centres

92 Caplan Avenue, Barrie, ON L4N 9J2 - Confirmed Open
Part-time Shared Space
Looking to pop in time to time, but need a private space. Our 20 or 40hrs per month packages allows you to have the feel of a full time space but for less.
Desk and side chair
Mailbox Services ($)
If you do require a mailbox (Mailing address) we can most certainly add this to your package.
Meeting Rooms ($)
Meeting Rooms are available on a discounted basis to our clients. Please connect with and they will book you in.
24/7 Access
Bike Rack
Complimentary Coffee/Tea and Water. We ask that due to COVID you bring your own mug or glass
Filtered Water
Hosted Reception
Printing as per demand $.10, Courier etc $25admin fee plus postage
Fridge, Microwave, Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate. We ask that you bring your own cup/mug
We do have complimentary Parking. Front and rear lot. Parking is on a first come first serve basis
$.10 per page
We do have one Men's and one Ladies Shower
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SuiteWorks Business Centres

92 Caplan Avenue, Barrie, ON L4N 9J2
SuiteWorks Business Centres
92 Caplan Avenue, Barrie, ON L4N 9J2
SuiteWorks is Central Ontario’s Premier Business Flex Office Centre offering 23,000 sq. ft. of professional meeting rooms, co-working, virtual offices, and office spaces. Located in the south end of Barrie, Ontario, SuiteWorks brings together like-minded professionals that want all the amenities, facilities, and technology of a vibrant office space, with the added benefit of networking and the flexibility of customizable packages. We offer a full-service, professional environment where you can enjoy the flexibility you need to grow your space as you grow your business or complement your home office. Our team is ready to assist you the second you step in the door and are just as accessible when you’re on the road or in your home office.. We’re here to help improve your success. Flexibility is important in the start-up and early growth stages of most businesses. You may find you need more office time or larger office space for additional team members. If your business needs change – your service package can change too! You’ll appreciate being able to customize your business center services at SuiteWorks. We measure our success by how happy our clients are, and the number of businesses we’ve helped over the years. Get in touch with us today, to find out how we can help you grow your business with premier office space and flexible business center services.
Full Time Office
Our Ceilinged offices start at $850 per month on a flexible month to month agreement
40 hours of 24/7 access on a monthly basis.
Private Office
This 10x10 private office has what you have been looking for. Privacy, space, and complimentary coffee. You can now set up your branch office, complement your home office, or a fresh start-up! We have you covered Our Offices start at $650 per month
Drop in workspace
Independent Cubicle Space for that hour you need to drop in or even that full day that you need to get some heads-down work completed
Meeting Space
Our bright, fully-equipped, all-inclusive meeting rooms give you everything you need to impress, including: Complimentary coffee and tea, water WIFI and plug-in Internet connectivity Multimedia projectors/Smart TV's Flip charts, dry erase markers, and other tools needed for a professional presentation Access to printing, faxing and admin support services are also available And of course, there’s our always popular meal and refreshment planning. We can provide fully catered meals for meetings, lunches, and simple snacks and beverages for smaller meetings.

It is imperative that all clients follow the emergency plan that is in place at SuiteWorks Business Centre. The Community Manager of SuiteWorks Business Centre will be responsible for the following:
• All communications relating to the facility, either verbally or in writing, as it relates to COVID-19.
• Ensuring that all COVID-19 policies and practices for both employees and clients are reviewed regularly and updated when required.
• Ensure all potential hazards related to COVID-19 are identified and corrective action is implemented.
For general information, non-emergency assistance, or if you have any questions about the Company’s COVID-19 response, please also contact Jaclyn Buch, Community Manager. Regular updates will come from the Community Manager as changes to the SuiteWorks’ Covid-19 protocols and policies are required.
Clients are responsible for ensuring all of their visitors are made aware of the protocols currently in place at SuiteWorks Business Centre prior to their visit. This should be done via e-mail prior to the visit where possible. All visitors must adhere to the COVID-19 policies in place.
It is the responsibility of every client of SuiteWorks Business Center to adequately screen their guests before they are permitted entry. Signage posted on the front door will remind all visitors to follow our posted policies and confirm they have completed the screening questionnaire before entry. The questionnaire is as follows:
At any time within the last 14 days, have you:
• experienced any symptoms associated with the flu or COVID-19?
• travelled outside of the province or the country?
• Have you or a member of your household been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19, is currently getting tested for COVID-19, or experienced any symptoms?
If your visitor answers yes to any of these questions, we require that you do not allow them into the building and reschedule the meeting either virtually or at a different date.
All visitors must sanitize their hands upon entry to our premises. Signage at the front reception area will alert all visitors to this and hand sanitizer will be available to them. The number of individuals in the reception area must be restricted to 3, otherwise all other visitors will have to wait outside.
Limiting physical interaction between SuiteWorks employees and other clients may seem straight forward, but it is important to consider every surface, document, or piece of office equipment we come in contact with as a potential source of transmission. For all of your interactions inside the SuiteWorks Business Center:
• Keep in-person interactions to a minimum unless the meeting can be held with the appropriate physical distancing.
This is a confidential document provided by HR Performance & Results for SuiteWorks Business Centre’s internal use only.
© HR Performance & Results Inc.
• Do not borrow or use any office supplies (i.e. papers, pens, pencils, staplers, etc.) from outside of your own workspace.
• Avoid passing others where physical distancing is not possible. For example, allow one person to pass in the corridor at any given time.
• Avoid in-person networking with other clients in their/your workspaces. Clients can network virtually, by telephone, or in a client common area, provided proper physical distancing is respected at all times.
• Should a client require the assistance of a SuiteWorks employee (e.g. a printer has disconnected from the network and a SuiteWorks employee must assist a client in their workspace), the SuiteWorks employee will sanitize their hands prior to entering a client’s workspace. If physical distancing cannot be respected, the SuiteWorks employee shall wear a face covering prior to entering a client’s workspace.
• Please respect other’s choices when it comes to face coverings or other Personal Protective Equipment. It is a best practice that face coverings be worn wherever personal distancing is not possible, however, it is not mandatory at this time. For any specific questions or issues that arise please contact the Community Manager directly.
If a package is delivered for a client that is currently on site, SuiteWorks employees will practice touchless delivery and the package will be left on the side counter at reception for same day pickup by the client. If a package is received for a client that is not currently on site, SuiteWorks employees will sanitize their hands, retrieve the package, and store it in a locked and undisturbed area until it can be delivered. Employees are required to follow the same protocol when interacting with Real Estate representatives who are delivering keys.
All meetings should be facilitated virtually at this time, wherever possible. The number of individuals attending an in-person meeting must be restricted relative to the size of the meeting room permitting at least 2 metres distance from one another. When greeting the guest, escort them into the boardroom and open/close doors for them to minimize touch points.
Where a client has scheduled an in-person meeting, they are responsible for the following:
• Meetings must be booked in advance to avoid double booking.
• Inform the guest of the current protocols in place and complete the screening questions outlined above
• Determine the seating arrangement in advance to ensure physical distancing.
• Wash or sanitize you hands prior to and directly following the meeting.
• Greet the visitor while maintaining physical distance and do not shake hands.
• Ensure the visitor adheres to all company protocols in place and appropriately confront them if they do not comply.
• Clients are to adhere to the occupancy limit outlined for each meeting space. If there are any concerns or issues with the occupancy limit, speak to the Community Manager.
SuiteWorks has implemented the following changes to all common areas:
This is a confidential document provided by HR Performance & Results for SuiteWorks Business Centre’s internal use only.
© HR Performance & Results Inc.
• Client common areas are still open for use; however, clients are required to practice physical distancing while in these areas and sanitize any used items or surfaces after use.
• Water coolers and coffee makers will still be available for use; however, clients are required to sanitize the appliances before and after use.
• All cups, glasses, dishes and cutlery have been removed from the kitchen. Clients are required to bring their own until further notice.
SuiteWorks Business Centre will close off all areas visited by the ill person(s), whether it is an employee, client, or visitor. Where possible, outside doors and windows will be kept open to increase air circulation in the area. The Community Manager of SuiteWorks Business Centre will inform the cleaning staff of the areas that the employee or client may have come into contact with.
Areas that will be cleaned and disinfected may include but is not limited to: offices, washrooms, common areas, electronic equipment used by the ill person(s) (computer, keyboard, mouse, desk, chair, writing supplies), and other frequently touched surfaces.
SuiteWorks Business Centre will take steps to notify clients who have come into close contact with an individual who tests positive for Covid-19. This notification will be provided as soon as a client’s close contact with an infected individual is identified. Clients provided with the above notice will be required to self-isolate up to a maximum of 14 days. If a client or a client’s visitor develops COVID-19 symptoms and/or has tested positive for the virus, the Community Manager must be notified immediately.


SuiteWorks Business Centre has prepared this document to provide you with an overview of the measures that the Company is taking to protect its clients during Covid-19. It is intended to familiarize you with important information about the Company, as well as information regarding your responsibilities. It is important that you read, understand, and follow the provisions of this handout.
Please consult with the Community Manager if you need further clarification or have any questions. In addition, circumstances will undoubtedly arise which may require policies or practices described in this document to change.
I have received and carefully reviewed the COVID-19 handout and I understand its contents. I agree to abide by the policies set forth in the COVID-19 handout and understand that this handout and addendum(s) to it will govern my conduct.
Client Name: ______________________________ Date: ___________________________
Client Signature: ____________________________
Note: Please sign and return to the Community Manager.

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