Semi-Private Office Space, Fits 2 desks. at Complete Financial
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This space is hosted by Erik Hsieh.
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Private Office for 2 at Complete Financial

1851 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
Semi-Private Office Space, Fits 2 desks. | 75 sq ft
This ground floor space is divided out of a 640 square-foot front office space. We've got the essentials you need for an affordable price. Current configuration is one 5-feet-wide desk and one 3-feet-wide rolling computer desk, and still have ample room for a client or a cabinet. If you don't need the computer desk, it can be taken away to provide more free space. We're in the vibrant neighborhood of Lower Pacific Height, near Kaiser Medical Center. We're a small 2-person financial firm. So, ON THE QUIET AND CALM SIDE. From May to January of the following year, this office is actually not that busy. This is NOT an entirely private office. You can think of it as a large cubicle, with dividers on 2 sides that are translucent. So there is no feeling of being enclosed in a smaller space. Yet offers quite a bit more privacy and calmness from the hectic "co-working" environment. (L.S. doesn't have a semi private office category, so we placed it in private office category.) Yes, this space would be a nice upgrade from renting "dedicated desks," as it offers a certain level of privacy. And you'll have 24/7 access to your space. But you're by no mean isolated -- Current arrangement of the dividers is what we feel is a good balance of privacy and airiness/openness. We have more dividers for you if you feel you'd like more privacy. This space is on the ground level, right on Divisadero Street. It is highly visible! It has high ceiling, close to 11 feet. The entire front office may be seen as a storefront space. But since you are sharing this space with a financial service firm, we prefer that you use it as more of an office. You could be a professional or in business in other areas. Designers, artists, art dealers, healthcare professionals, software developers (or other types of techies,) writers, independent contractors... These are just a few examples. No real estate agent please. In addition to your exclusive space, items below that are included and shared: * Wifi Internet. * Shared client waiting area. Fits up to 3 persons. The area is filled with natural light. WHEN AVAILABLE, you and your clients or collaborators can use it for a short while. * Drinking water * Shared on-site bathroom. * Garbage and recycling. * Use of a microwave. * Shredding service, your portion is up to 15 gallons every 8 weeks. (Plenty for most people.) * All furniture you see in the picture for you to use. We do offer complimentary teas. Green teas, black teas, and herbal teas. No brewed coffee, and that's why we did not list coffee/tea in the amenity list. But there are instant coffees. For monthly guests, we do hope that at some point you replenish the teas you consumed with whatever type of teas you like, and share them with us.
Amenities & Services
Notary Services ($)
Discounted price of $12 per signature notarized (regular price is $15.) On site only. Appointment required.
24/7 Access
Door w/Lock
Meeting Rooms
IF AVAILABLE, a small meeting space with a small round table, as seen in picture, for you and/or your client/collaborator to use for no additional charge.
Filtered Water
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Complete Financial

1851 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

About Complete Financial in San Francisco

Private Business
Larger more cost effective space from a desk to a floor and conference rooms shared with the host company and a few others. Find synergies and a culture fit.
Complete Financial is a small 2-person tax preparation and financial services firm. From May to January, the office is actually on the calm side -- i.e. it's not that busy. If you're not a fan of noise and hustle, then this space has a big advantage over the high traffic hectic "co-working" spaces around town.
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