The altSpace Design Standard

Highly functional, yet minimal and clean to allow your own branding and personality to pop.
Four Kit-of-Parts to Choose From
Launch offers the highest density and lowest cost design to create the most scalable office environment. Long, bench-style desks are casual, collaborative and functional. Starting at 57 square feet per person, this kit provides the most efficient use of space for your growing team.
Sprint offers efficient space use and room to grow. With a density starting at 72 square feet per person, Sprint offers configurable workspace styles for employees plus space enhancing design elements for overall productivity and enjoyment for teams of 16 and up.
Wellness and multi-functionality are core to the premium Thrive kit. Thrive consists of ergonomic workspace options for employers looking to accommodate the greatest variety in work styles. Starting at 82 square feet per person, Thrive’s design encourages teamwork and mobility throughout the space, for teams of 14 employees and up.
Our design expertise and adaptable kits. Your inspiration and values. altSpace – Tailored gives you the tools to translate your company culture and core values into the perfect space. Leverage world class design standards together with our cost effective strategy for teams of 20 employees and up.
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