Hourly Office w/Window at Meadow Creek Business Center
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Confirmed Open
Host at Meadow Creek Business Center
This space is hosted by Richard Gabel.
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Private Office for 3 at Meadow Creek Business Center

22525 SE 64th Place, Suite 200, Issaquah, WA 98027
Hourly Office w/Window
An office for lease by the hour or day lets you get away from the interruptions of your home office or the din of the coffee shop to get some serious work done or have a professional meeting with a client. Meadow Creek Business Center has several shared offices with phone and internet service. Bring a newspaper and a picture of the family and it will look like your private office.Included Services: Reception Area For Your Guests Break area Meadow Creek Business Center has 2 break areas with seating, refrigerator, microwave, sink and cabinet space. Our 2nd floor Break Room has free coffee and tea service and cappuccinos and mochas are also available. Snacks and soft drinks are provided from vending machines. Print and copy area The main copier at Meadow Creek is located in the mail area. It is a digital B&W/color, copier, printer, scan and fax machine. You can operate the machine by entering your copy code. You can also set the printer up on your PC and print from your home or office via the internet. Print jobs can be collated and stapled. You can set your print job to only print when you are at the printer and enter your code and password if desired. The first floor copier is B&W only and does not have the fax feature. 300 Mbps Internet Service
Full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the reservation start time.
Cancellation Policy
Amenities & Services
Catering ($)
$20 fee to cover ordering, acceptance and clean-up.
Available in our kitchen.
Print/Scan/Copy ($)
Per page fees apply.
Door w/Lock
Window View
Ramp on side entrance and an elevator. Accessible restroom.
Filtered Water
Available in our kitchen.
Hosted Reception
Microwave, Refrigerator, Vending Machines, Coffee, Tea

Meadow Creek Business Center

22525 SE 64th Place, Suite 200, Issaquah, WA 98027

About Meadow Creek Business Center in Issaquah

Serviced Office
Professional, full service space that caters to those looking to do private work in a shared environment with office facilities and services.
Meadow Creek Business Center is an executive office suite providing fully serviced office space, shared offices, hot desks, hourly and day offices, conference rooms. Our facility is located in the Meadow Creek Office Park at the intersection of Issaquah/Fall City Road and E. Lake Sammamish Parkway. There is plenty of free parking and we are less than a minute from I-90.
2 Monthly Spaces
Private Office
Private Office
Private Office for 3
six months min. term
Beautiful 2nd floor office with large window. •Personalized telephone answering service with voicemail •Administrative Services •Mail receipt and distribution •High-speed T1 Internet access •Conference Rooms (accommodates … View Details
Shared Office Space
Shared Office Space
For 1 Dedicated Desk (3 available)
1 month min. term
Shared Office Use of a dedicated desk in a shared office environment in a window office. You will be supplied with a desk and premium office chair. Window Shared Office $350 per Month Shared Desk A Shared Desk is a private … View Details

We ask for your help in encouraging all staff and visitors to follow CDC recommendations and State of Washington requirements such as frequent hand-washing, wearing a cloth face mask, and avoiding close contact with others.  The State of Washington is now requiring masks to be worn in the workplace, as such we ask visitors and employees, with a few exceptions, to please wear a face covering when entering the common areas, especially high-use areas such as restrooms. We are limited in what we can do to enforce that requirement and ask that you ensure your visitors know of the State’s requirement.


Signage has been placed at the entrances to this effect. An anti-bacterial sanitizing station has been placed in the lobby.


We will place bottles of anti-bacterial lotion in the lobby and the meeting rooms if they are kept in the proper location, so all users of those rooms have access to them.  


Below are safety procedures that have been put into place, in accordance with federal and state guidance. This is a group effort with responsibilities split between Rosen Properties, Meadow 
Creek, and you as tenants.


HVAC – Performance Mechanical has upgraded the air filters to MERV-13, the higher rated filters that are designed to better capture airborne viruses and bacteria. While there is no guarantee a strong air filter will protect us from the coronavirus, clean air helps keep our immune system strong.


Building Procedures and Policies – As we move forward, we ask for your help in reminding all employees and visitors to stay home if they are unwell or if they suspect they have encountered the novel coronavirus.  If someone in your office suspects they have contracted the virus, please encourage them, and anyone they may have met, to self-quarantine immediately. Please also notify the Front Desk so that we can alert the janitorial  staff and nearby tenants. If you are interested in contamination cleaning or day porter services for your individual suite, let us know and we can 
share a list of vendors who offer these services.


Janitorial Services – Our janitors will continue using specialized products such as Critical Care and Virex II to disinfect high touch areas in common areas and those suites that receive landlord-provided janitorial services.  As a reminder, the janitors do not clean office equipment, furniture (phones, keyboards, etc.), so it is important that you develop a procedure within your office to ensure these are cleaned on a regular basis. We will wipe down the copiers in the common area and meeting room tables on a regular basis.


Reception Desk – The reception desk has been enclosed with a Plexiglas shield. Please respect the need for the staff to stay safe given the number of people that approach the desk each day.

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