Workspace Patrion

71 Goodway Drive South, Rochester, NY 14623 - Confirmed Open
Workspace Patrion is centrally located in the Greater Rochester New York Area. Our business center contains 25 private and shared offices, shared work space, and conference rooms. For your enjoyment we offer: a community kitchen with unlimited water, coffee, and tea, handicap accessible bathrooms, as well as a shower, and a nice outdoor picnic area. Our business center gladly hosts: entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large businesses that need an off site location, seminars, networking groups, and more. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
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WorkSpace Patrion
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Workspace Patrion is located in the Henrietta/Brighton area, our business center features: private offices, shared offices, and shared work space.
Interior Office - No Window
Small private Office with kick ass wifi, free coffee/tea/water/parking. 4 hrs conference room time per month, 50 pages of printing and kitchen privileges. I have small offices for $450/month and medium interior for $650.
Shared Private Office
Only in the office a few days a week, but don't want to commit to a full private office or shared work space? Workspace Patrion has you covered! Check out our shared offices for $250.00 a month (12 month agreement). All offices include: * All utilities (RG&E, WiFi/Ethernet) * A Receptionist * Use of the Conference/Meeting Rooms *Kitchen Privileges *Super fast wifi *Plenty of free and easily accessible parking *And Much More!
Window Office
Clean, modern, all inclusive and fully furnished window office available immediately! * All utilities included (RG&E, Wi-Fi, Phone Service) * Furniture * Super fast wifi * Business Address * Receptionist * Conference Rooms Credit * Unlimited coffee, water, and tea. * Free parking AND MORE
Interior Day Office
Need an office to meet a client? Complete a project or interview? Let us help! The Day Offices at Workspace Patrion are fully furnished private offices that feature: a desk, a chair, a phone, WiFi/Ethernet, and more! This is a great plan for an irregular user - that has to schedule whole days in the office. Without a base plan of $99, each day usage is $100. Don't forget we have unlimited coffee, water, and tea! Also, our Business Center Manager is there to receive any packages you may have delivered that day and to ensure your time at Office Evolution runs as smoothly as possible.
Small Conference Room
Workspace Patrion Small Conference Room comfortable seats up to 6 people Perfect for meetings, small presentations, and interviews, this is an interior conference room that is stocked with: a table, chairs, a projector, dry erase board, and refreshments for you and your guests. Contact us today for more information or book us today!
Large Conference Room w/ Window
Our Larger Conference Room comfortably seats 10-15 people at 6 tables plus a few presenters and additional chairs. The space comes fully furnished with a projector, a screen, Polycom, dry erase boards, and more! Our Business Center Manager will warmly greet you and your guests and supply you with water, coffee, and tear, which are included in your rate!
Amenities & Services
24/7 Access
We provide: water, coffee, and tea. For catered food, please inquire for details and options.
Door w/Lock
Filming Allowed
Filtered Water
Hosted Reception
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Our small kitchenette by the Large Conference Room features: a sink, a small counter, and a mini fridge. The kitchenette in the back of the building features: a microwave, coffee, water, tea, minifridge, dishwasher, plates, cups, bowls, and utensils
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Workspace Patrion
71 Goodway Drive South, Rochester, NY 14623
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Small Conference Room
Small Conference Room
Small Conference Room at Workspace Patrion
71 Goodway Drive South, Rochester, NY 14623
Interior Day Office
Interior Day Office
Interior Day Office at Workspace Patrion
71 Goodway Drive South, Rochester, NY 14623
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