100 Bogart

100 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 - Confirmed Open
100 Bogart is a family-owned and operated co-working building located near the heart of Brooklyn’s creative Bushwick neighborhood. We started in 2017 with a simple idea: to foster an inclusive community of like-minded businesses by building a flexible and collaborative office platform. Home to a unique mix of fast-growing startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, 100 Bogart offers turnkey office solutions and top-notch amenities for businesses of various stages and sizes. 100 Bogart is a proud member of the Bushwick community, dedicated to using local vendors and suppliers, and run by a passionate team of local employees.  Located less than two blocks from the Morgan Avenue L train, our members are walking distance to the many inventive eateries, bars, galleries and studios that make Bushwick one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in New York City.
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Host at 100 Bogart
Nick Tukmanian
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2 Desk Private Office
100 Bogart is more than your traditional lounge styled coworking building. We are a professional office building that has multiple floors dedicated to quiet private offices as well as an open layout floor dedicated to coworking. This is one of the last available two person offices left in the entire building. We aim to work with great people who can add value to our community beyond just a desk. Our team is in the building making sure that all of your business needs are covered. The goal of 100 Bogart is to become a focal point in the local community. Commuting into the building is easy, as we are nearby the L, M, and G train. The area is filled with lots of great eateries, two supermarkets, coffee shops, and breweries. If you are looking for a flexible and professional workspace, reach out to us today.
4 Desk Private Office
A 4 desk office with a window on the 3rd floor. Access to all amenities, including 24/7 front desk, fast Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, kitchenette, and much more.
Amenities & Services
24/7 Access
Bike Rack
Gourmet Coffee + Tea made by 9am every day
Door w/Lock
Filming Allowed
Filtered Water
We have a commercial grade water machine + ice machine
Health & Safety Policy
Hosted Reception
We have 24/7 security that checks each guest into the building
Each floor will have Water/Coffee/Refridgerator/Sink and seating with available electrical outlets
Mailbox Services
Meeting Rooms
Pet Friendly
Room Set-up
Video Conference
Window View
Space Types
Brooklyn’s hottest neighborhood, Williamsburg is emerging as both hip and haute, which makes it perfect for young companies
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We remain on high alert monitoring all the COVID-19 news, and during this time we are focused on maintaining Best Practices throughout the Building. 

We are monitoring and adhering to the guidelines issued by the our local Public Health and CDC regarding COVID-19.

The health of our staff, tenants and visitors is our main priority. 

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