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Confirmed Open
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Dedicated Desk - 10 Available at Shine Professional Suites, LLC

8906 West Bowles Avenue, #110-6, Littleton, CO 80123
Health & Safety
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Virtual Mail Service
Virtual Mail Service when you use a room periodically and need an address to meet clients. This is not a physical room rental, but a virtual office that allows ranking on Google.
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Ground level suites with easily accessible rooms.
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Shine Professional Suites, LLC

8906 West Bowles Avenue, #110-6, Littleton, CO 80123

About Shine Professional Suites, LLC in Littleton

Serviced Office
Professional, full service space that caters to those looking to do private work in a shared environment with office facilities and services.
Shine is a comfortable space to grow your business and meet your clients. Located on the 1st floor of the Westerra Credit Union building.
2 Hourly Spaces
Conference Room
Conference Room
Private Meeting Room for 4
$75/half‑day ($18.75/hour)
$150/day ($18.75/hour)
The conference room is a very versatile private space that offers comfortable seating for up to 4 people (with social distancing protocols in place for COVID-19). With a TV screen that you can hook up to your computer available … View Details
Suite 2 Counseling/Massage room
Suite 2 Counseling/Massage room
Private Office for 4
$60/half‑day ($15/hour)
$120/day ($15/hour)
Suite 2 is a tranquil space for counseling, massage and acupuncture. Also great for getting some quiet time at the desk provided. The room offers ambient lighting, desk, portable massage table (if needed), love seat and blackout … View Details

To our valued guests:




We at Shine Professional Suites would like to 

Thank You for reading and adhering to the following guidelines. 

We look forward to seeing you! 


We are under the orders from the Governor stated in the PHO, the CDC and DORA to implement some standards. We may have some stricter house rules than other establishments because of the nature of some of the professions in the office, so please respect that we need to keep these standards for now and protect our 

professional licenses. 

As we all have our opinions as to what is best for everyone, we at Shine are asking you to protect yourself and others while at Shine. 




1. PROTECTION: All renters and guests are required to wear a mask when entering the suites and preceding to the individual office space. If you refuse to wear a mask for the short time of entering the suites, we will ask you to rent at a later date when the recommendation is lifted. Renters are asked to take their temperature before coming to the office and to STAY HOME if there is any sign of illness. Please also ask your clients/patients to do the same. 

2. CLEANING: All renters are asked to sanitize spaces after each use. Please also sanitize any common areas that are touched, including door handles, light switches and surfaces. 

3. REDUCED TRAFFIC:  The front door will remain locked. There is always a key outside the office for use. (Please return it to its home as soon as you use it) We are placing a hands-free door bell to the right of the front door in the red vase. Just wave your hand across the top of the doorbell. Please feel free to have your clients use this if you would like. You can also have them notify you from their car. 

4. MAX OCCUPANCY: Conference room gatherings will be limited to FOUR (4) people. All renters are encouraged to maintain a 6-foot distance between each participant. The tables and chairs are set up in a way that maintains social distance with one person at each of the four tables. We would appreciate limiting use of the reception area and the front reception desk using the 6 foot rule. 

5. Please ask your clients to use their car as a waiting room, and set up a system by cell phone in order to let them in at their scheduled appointment time. 

6. No other person besides the client, and parent or guardian, will be allowed in the office.

7. No Walk-Ins. By Appointment Only.

8. HYGIENE:  Please follow these important guidelines about hygiene: Wash your hands frequently and properly. Use your arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands, and use hand sanitizer regularly. Wash your hands. Please dispose of tissues immediately and wash hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues. Refrain from touching your nose or mouth. If you do, please wash your hands afterwards. 

9. KITCHEN: We will be limiting shared kitchen services including coffee, refreshment and snack service as well as limiting the use of reusable utensils and drinkware during this time. Single use items may still be served as available in the kitchen but we apologize for any inconvenience this limited service may have.

10. Please follow your individual professional guidelines to ensure compliance.

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