Community Miracles Center
2269 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Host at Community Miracles Center
Contact host Rev. Kelly Hallock for more info.
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Community Miracles Center

2269 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
We are a New Thought/ACIM-based church with a large, dynamic space available every day (hours vary slightly). The main room is 15’ by 40’ with quite a bit of natural lighting during the day and overhead lights with dimmer switches at night. There is a stage at the front of the room that extends approximately 7 feet outward and has a grand piano on it that can be played as long as it is treated well. Fixed spotlights can be turned on easily to illuminate the stage extra if desired. Over 50 folding chairs are available that can be used as well as three 8’ long tables and two 6’ long tables. The reception area is approximately 15’ by 15’ and includes a couch and two comfortable chairs, as well as a table that can be used to place literature, brochures, etc. upon. This room also has natural lighting and the dividing wall between it and the main room does not reach the ceiling so sound travels clearly between the two rooms. In the main room is an amplifier which can be plugged into a microphone or 1-2 musical instruments (it is a single, stand alone system with built-in mixer). In the reception area is a music system which can be plugged into a headphone jack allowing music from a phone, iPod, etc. be played through the speakers which are in the reception area and the main room. There is also a projection screen available (projector not included). There is a coffee maker available for use and a water dispenser with cups. We are in the middle of the Castro on Market Street with lots of street parking in the area (some is metered, some is not). Public transportation is abundant and there are lots of nearby restaurants, shops and other resources available.

Amenities & Services at 2269 Market Street

  • WiFi
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Entry
  • Filtered Water
  • Parking
  • Phone
  • Room Set-up
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The Mission

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Community Community Miracles Center in San Francisco