Shenzhen Valley Ventures
955 B Alma Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Shenzhen Valley Ventures

955 B Alma Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Shenzhen Valley Ventures is a fund that provides hardware companies with cash investment and DFM service to accelerate growth. We have 40 plus full time engineers to work with startups. Unparalleled equipment are offered to our portfolio companies for free both in the Valley and Shenzhen. Centrally Located in Downtown PA, close to Stanford University and dozens of VC firms. In addition, we have many restaurants/convenient perks for hardware founders within walking distance to the office, including: ACE hardware Store (0.1 mi) Phil Coffee (0.2 mi) Gym (0.3 mi) Coupa Café (0.4 mi) Caltrain Station (0.4 mi) Blue Bottle Coffee (0.5 mi) Stanford University (1.2 mi) Basic Tools: Digital caliper, ifixit toolkit, hand tool set, wire stripper, Dremel (include drill press, bits and flex shaft) Electrical Tools: Multimeter Oscilloscope Power Supply Prototyping: Solder iron Solder Station Hot air gun Solder sucker Panasive Electronics: Protoboards Breadboarding wires 0805 resistor and capacitor assortment 0603 resistor and capacitor assortment

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  • Whiteboard

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