The Collective Spark

1250 Addison Street, Suite 105, Berkeley, CA 94702 - Confirmed Open
***NOTE: Our offices are open on a special basis where each of the current 4 members is able to book 4-hour blocks of time to have an uninterrupted work period at their own dedicated desk. Time blocks are available M-F 6 am–10 pm and weekends 10 am–6 pm. No one comes in contact with anyone else's workspaces and the space has excellent ventilation with a ceiling fan that exhausts through one of the office skylights. Additionally, there is a private open-air roof deck above the offices where our sonic highspeed wireless reaches. Monthly rent includes your own dedicated desk and work area, plus access to the tenant-only roof deck area. **** We are located in the Strawberry Creek Design Center, a vibrant community of creative businesses in a striking red brick building in Berkeley. The building is a 10-minute walk from the North Berkeley Bart station and easily accessible from I-80. We are fortunate to have a beautiful space in the building with French doors that open out onto the grassy field in front. Just two doors down from the cafe and one door down from the pasta maker, we're situated in a great spot. We've been here over 10 years and love the space. For those who like yoga, there's also a yoga studio in the building, lots of neighborhood restaurants, a nearby pool, post office, and UPS pickup box in the design center.
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Host at The Collective Spark
Will Tams
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Spark Collective Dedicated Workspaces
We have availability in our office for one person looking for a dedicated desk in a beautiful, workspace in the Strawberry Creek Design Center. The studio has high ceilings, exposed brick, three skylights, and lots of nice light and green plants. The desk comes furnished with super high-speed sonic business-class wireless (and wired) connectivity, office chair, two-story file cabinet/desk. There is a shared conference table with a full-wall magnetic whiteboard that can be used for client presentations, brainstorms, and general whiteboarding. The space is equipped with a printer, bottled water delivery, an on-site security system, and many other amenities. The office is located at 1250 Addison Street, less than a ten-minute walk from the North Berkeley Bart and near lots of options for food, plus there is a cafe next door that makes wonderful food and coffee. The cost includes all amenities and utilities with no hidden costs or additional fees.

Amenities & Services

24/7 Access
Bike Rack
There is a smaller bike rack for two bikes in the studio and about a dozen more out front of the building.
There is tea and hot filtered water in the studio. For coffee there is a cafe next door which serves all sorts of goodies along with coffee, of course.
Filtered Water
Hot and cold bottled water included.
Fridge, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Electric Kettle, Dishes and Silverware, Teas, Hot and Cold filtered water (water cooler).
Mailbox Services
Meeting Rooms
On-site Restaurant
There is a cafe in the building that serves breakfast and lunch.
Unlimited scans and up to 30 prints/copies per month included after which prints are 25c per print to offset the cost of replacing ink cartridges.

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Berkeley's diversity from food to art makes this university town dynamic
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