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Temporarily Closed
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1090 South Gilbert Road, 106, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Health & Safety
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Family Cowork-and-Play Membership
Stephanie loved her job as a family portrait photographer. After her baby girl was born, Stephanie took a couple of months off to stay at home and adjust to a new lifestyle. When she was ready to go back to work, she realized how hard it was to get things done from home. Strapping the baby into the car each time she had a client meeting or a photo shoot became tedious, especially as the summer heat became more miserable. She toured a few different types of workspaces, but none of them allowed children. She tried one for a day and got kicked out after nursing. She tried another one that was pet-friendly, thinking they would be more receptive of babies. They were not. Childcare is astronomically expensive and she didn’t want to be away from the baby for more than a couple hours at a time anyway, since she was nursing. When a friend told her about HQ, she thought it was worth a try; besides, they have a free day offer. Pulling the carseat from the car one more time, she headed toward the front door and was pleasantly surprised by a friendly smile from Amy, who held the door as she entered. Amy gave her a brief explanation of what HQ offers, but seeing the weight of the carseat on Stephanie’s arm, quickly ushered her to the more comfortable Family Center. Setting the car seat down, Stephanie took in the squeals of delight as toddlers put together puzzles. Parents smiled briefly at her before looking back to their own computer screens, and Amy showed her where the changing room was, along with a cushy chair in case the baby needs a quiet place for lunch. And of course, you’re welcome to nurse wherever you and baby are comfortable, Amy assured her. We just like to give you options. What a breath of fresh air! Amy invited Stephanie to stay and work for the day. Settling in to a cozy spot in the corner, Stephanie buckled the baby into the baby swing, pulled out her laptop, and connected to the wifi. Editing photos went so much more quickly when she wasn’t distracted by the piles of laundry and the barking dogs! And when a client called, she was able to jump into the phone booth to answer it, and keep the baby in sight through the window! On her way out, Stephanie chatted briefly with another member who designs websites--score! Her site was in serious need of an update. She eyed the conference room as she passed and noticed that another member had her preschooler at a kid-sized table with a coloring book. There was potential to meet with a client, shoot some photos in the studio, work on her website, and edit, all without getting into a blazing hot car, and all without missing out on any precious time with her newest favorite human. This could work. This could be a good home. And maybe that web designer could teach her a thing or two about introducing baby foods, when it came time for that. There was hope. Hope to chase that dream in her career, catch all those baby milestones, and meet other parents who are doing the same thing, which would be good for her social life AND networking. When Amy held the door for her this time, Stephanie felt welcomed and supported. The fear of being turned away or harassed for wanting both a career AND a family evaporated. As the sun fell over her this time, the warmth felt a little more comforting. ............. Your family gets 24/7 access to our Family Center, which has desk space for adults, play space and kid-sized furniture. Phone booth and privacy room included in the Family Center, with windows so you can keep tabs on your tots. Toys, games, coloring, and projects included. Snacks available. "Per desk" pricing includes a family of one adult and up to 2 children. Additional children and adults may be added to your plan with an additional monthly fee. *Please note there is no childcare onsite. This space is designed to allow you to get work done without missing out on precious family time.
Amenities & Services
1G fiber internet
Furniture is first come, first served. Desk space for adults and children are included, as well as a comfy chair and laptop table in our phone booth and privacy room.
24/7 Access
The Family Center has its own entrance and you can get in whenever it works for your family, with our keyless entry system. All you need is your phone; no more fumbling with keys or access cards.
Meeting Rooms
Free credits included in our meeting rooms, photo studio, and recording studio. You can use these with or without your children!
Filtered Water
Hosted Reception
Between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, our hospitable staff is available to greet your guests and assist you!
Fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster oven, dishes, silverware and glassware, condiments
Covered parking available first come, first served
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HQ Workspace

1090 South Gilbert Road, 106, Gilbert, AZ 85296

About HQ Workspace in Gilbert

Entrepreneurial, creative, techy vibe shared environments, with mostly open floor space and some private offices. Community and networking a big draw.
We're a family-friendly workspace for creative professionals. Our mix of focus spaces and collaborative areas allow you to work and socialize in the same place! The family center is a great place to bring your kids to work with you so you can get things done without missing out on time with your family! Enjoy snacks, coffee, and being located just a mile from Downtown Gilbert!
2 Monthly Spaces
For 1 Open Desk (10 available)
1 month min. term
Open-plan coworking space with high speed WiFi, large windows with lots of natural light, access to a gated patio, free coffee, tea, and water, and snacks available for sale. 24/7 access via keyless entry app. Our task chairs … View Details
Private Office
Private Office
Private Office for 1
1 month min. term
This office is furnished with 1 desk and 1 task chair (limited guest chairs available). Fiber internet, coffee, tea, water, janitorial, utilities, covered parking (first come, first served), hospitable staff, and free credit … View Details

Health and Safety Policy

UPDATE 3/31/2020:
We are temporarily closed to the public. All members still have keyless entry access, but we are not booking meeting rooms at this time. If you are interested in a coworking membership or a private office, please email

Thank you!


To our valued members and guests:

Your health and safety is our top priority. Therefore as we follow the quickly developing environment around Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are implementing new policies to help us prevent the spread of the virus and limit the impact on our community. Thank you for joining us in taking action to keep our community healthy and safe!

Following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Arizona Department of Health Services, and Maricopa County Health Department, we are implementing the following enhanced health and safety policies. 



We are implementing enhanced cleaning procedures in our locations to protect our employees, members and guests. These include; 

Cleaning shared surfaces regularly with disinfectant. 

Providing hand sanitizer and anti-viral wipes. 

Asking our members and guests to help sanitize common surfaces that you have used. 



Please follow these important guidelines about hygiene:

Wash your hands frequently and properly. A guide can be found here:

Use a tissue, your arm, or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands, and use hand sanitizer regularly. Wash your hands. (It’s a theme.)

Please dispose of tissues immediately and wash hands or use sanitizer any time you have used tissues. (There’s that hand-washing again!)

Refrain from touching your nose or mouth. If you do, please wash your hands afterwards. (In case you forgot.)



We will be limiting shared kitchen services including coffee, refreshment and snack service as well as limiting the use of reusable utensils and drinkware during this time. Single use items may still be served as available in the kitchen but we apologize for any inconvenience this limited service may have. 


If You Are Sick

For the safety of our coworkers and community, we are asking members who are displaying even mild flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough and cold to stay home. Not only is this common courtesy, it will help you recover more quickly and keep your immune system strong. 

Please notify our staff if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have used our space in the past 30 days. 

Please notify our staff if you have been in contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19 in the past 30 days.


If You Have Traveled

For our employees, members and guests. If you have recently traveled to high-risk areas (China, Italy and other areas as updated by the CDC), they are being asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, even if they show no symptoms, to monitor for any symptoms of illness. This may be extended to those who have traveled to other areas where COVID-19 is spreading. 

If you have recently traveled internationally or may have been exposed to people traveling from affected areas, please monitor yourself. 

If you are showing any symptoms of illness we ask you to check with your healthcare provider. Please wait until you have tested negative, or 48 hours symptom-free.

Social distancing

We are strongly encouraging members and guests to avoid congregating in our common spaces and will try to accommodate any members or guests who ask to work or meet in isolation. Gatherings of more than 10 people in one room is prohibited.


Finally, we have policies in place and will communicate further to implement closures and further cleaning protocols if we are notified that any person that has used our space recently is diagnosed with COVID-19. 


Thank you!

Thank you for putting the health and safety of our employees, members, guests and local community first! We are closely following the recommendations by the CDC and local health officials and will provide updates as needed. In the meantime, thank you for helping continue to keep our welcoming community healthy and safe!

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