Win the real estate race with technology-driven solutions from LiquidSpace.

Turbo-charge your ability to service small, high-growth companies by driving clients to our network for flexible, short-term workspaces.

Adjust Speed: We help your clients now so you can focus on bigger deals. When they're ready for a permanent space down the road, you take the wheel.
Stay Alert: Your personalized broker dashboard has everything you need to know about client referrals, space availability, property details and more.
Finish First: Rev up productivity with powerful tools like messenger and collections, engineered to ensure you successfully fuel client relationships.
LiquidSpace is the network for office space where startups and growing teams connect directly with real estate owners, operators and companies that have space to share. The LiquidSpace network transforms the entire commercial real estate process. Our online tools simplify the discovery and transaction of office space, and our reimagined legal framework eliminates the cost and complexities of traditional leasing. Office space is now yours with a click. Pay by the month. No lease, no hassle.
I have been very pleased with the experience I’ve had with using LiquidSpace to service a client. The interesting thing was that we did things both ways – traditional leasing/subleasing method to find a small plug and play short term space for a fast growing but very young company. At the same time, I put together a collection of spaces that I thought would be a great fit in a better building/neighborhood/build out with maximum flexibility. Our client was not familiar with the idea of LiquidSpace so it was only during our tour of the traditional spaces that we were really able to talk to her about what was right for her right now. Once she understood, she checked out my link and is proceeding down this path. The response was fantastic. She was so grateful to get the help she needed now without settling for something with a 'long tail' she wasn’t ready for. 6-9 months from now, she wants our help with a traditional lease. SUCCESS.
Tori Hockersmith
Senior Director, CBRE