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Focus on core deals by activating your flexible office requirements on LiquidSpace. Our platform will handle the rest while you stay connected to your clients and get paid.

Our client-centric approach gives you access to the largest flexible office network, from coworking providers and serviced offices to building owners.

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The new way to close flexible office deals.
  • Start by activating your flexible office requirements on LiquidSpace.
  • Use your personalized dashboard to track your clients’ progress and stay connected; see who’s browsing, booking, and who’s ready for a more permanent, long-term space.
  • Get paid when a deal closes – 4% for tenants, 2% for supply.
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Invite growing teams and professionals to find and book space. Get a 4% referral fee when they book a monthly space.
Invite private businesses and building owners to list their space. Get a 2% referral fee when their monthly space gets booked.
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Our corporate clients are increasingly looking for flexibility in their real estate portfolios. The cost efficiencies, term flexibility, rapid time to market and great design that altSpace offers are an exciting and unique option for us to present.
Dan Harvey
Dan Harvey
Vice Chairman of the Bay Area CBRE
I have been very pleased with the experience I’ve had using LiquidSpace to service […] a fast growing but very young company. I put together a collection of spaces that I thought would be a great fit with maximum flexibility. […] Our client’s response was fantastic. She was so grateful to get the help she needed now without settling for something with a 'long tail' she wasn’t ready for. 6-9 months from now, she wants our help with a traditional lease. SUCCESS.
Tori Hockersmith
Senior Director, CBRE
Companies of all sizes are demanding more flexibility within their real estate portfolio, so we have enjoyed collaborating and partnering with LiquidSpace. LiquidSpace provides a platform for us to analyze and recommend flexible office solutions for our clients whether they are looking for new space on flexible terms or are looking for creative ways to monetize excess space. The traditional leasing model is not going away, but LiquidSpace gives us another arrow in our quiver.
Charlie Morris
Principal - Office Tenant Representation